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Are signature drinks a must have?

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If you are wanting to do a signature drink make sure it matches you as a couple. Some are to worried about it matching their wedding colors and the drink may not taste so great! Make sure it taste good and is not loaded with dyes. Also make sure that drink can be made virgin too so everyone can try it. Don’t make the signature drink the only drink available (yes I have seen this done). You can just have beer, wine and your signature drink if you are not doing a full open bar or if you are doing a full open bar,  have a few other fun cocktails. Here are plenty to think about:


Guide to a Perfect Wedding: Woodrow Hall 2nd Annual Bridal Photo Contest Winner!

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Historic Woodrow Hall presented its 2nd Annual Bridal Photo Contest beginning April 1, 2012 and ending August 31, 2012. All Woodrow Hall brides from August 2011 to August 2012 were able to submit up to three of their favorite photos of their special day in our breathtaking, vintage facility. Brides emailed their submissions and all photos were posted in an album on the Woodrow Hall Facebook page for all their family and friends to vote. Voters had to “like” our Facebook page and “like” the photo of their choice in order for the vote to count. One lucky bride with the most votes was to win $100, and be featured on our website and Facebook page.

The votes have been tallied and our winner is, LAKECIA VINCENT.

Lakecia and Alvin Vincent became one on Saturday, November 5, 2011. Alvin states:

“My wife and I knew we picked the right venue, but were blown away on our wedding day on how beautiful Woodrow Hall turned out to be. We had plenty of space for our caterers to setup and room for our guests to dine and dance. The pictures of Woodrow Hall were great. We relive our special day every time we see them. The Woodrow Hall staff was very professional and gave us valuable tips on decorating and catering. No matter where we were married, we knew it was going to be special but Woodrow Hall exceeded our expectations”.

Please visit our website under the video/photo tab to see photos of our venue and past events. For more information on hosting your special day with us, please contact a Woodrow Hall representative.

Fathia Lutfi: call or text (205) 200-6494 
Tazmine Stephens: call or text (205)243-4243 (

You can also schedule a time to visit by visiting our scheduling tool on our website:


Guide to the Perfect Wedding: Birmingham Wedding Venue Offers Ideas on How to Find the Perfect Veil for your Perfect Dress!

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Every bride should have at least one spectacular statement piece on her big day. Your veil can be your “statement piece”!

Here are some of the basic types:

*Cathedral: The most formal veil style, the Cathedral veil extends beyond floor length and is often worn with a gown that has a cathedral train.

*Chapel: A long, formal veil that reaches the floor and is usually worn with a gown with a sweep train.

*Waltz: Shorter than the chapel veil, this style falls somewhere between the knee and the ankle.

*Fingertip: A popular veil length that reaches the fingertips when your arms are down at your sides.

*Elbow-length: A veil that extends to the elbows, usually from 25 to 28 inches long.

*Flyaway: A less-formal, multilayered veil that only brushes the shoulders.

*Fountain: Also called a “waterfall” or “cascade” veil, this style gathers at the crown of the head and cascades over the shoulders. It’s typically no longer than elbow length.

Remember that veils are not worn by all brides, but if you choose a veil, there are numerous choices to make your day even more special to you and your guests!

Woodrow Hall would love to help you plan your wedding! With tall, beamed ceilings, exposed brick walls, great dance floor and plenty of vintage charm, this restored, century old ball room has just the look to show off your style and make your wedding dreams come true!

To learn more, call or text (205) 200-6494
 or send us and email at

You can also schedule a time to visit by visiting our scheduling tool on our website or pasting this URL into your web browser:


Guide to the Perfect Birmingham Wedding: Ten Catering Tips from Woodrow Hall Wedding Venue

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Food for your reception can vary from simple finger food to a full sit down dinner with numerous courses. The combinations and types of food are virtually endless, but one common denominator is that all but a few courageous brides contract with a caterer. Woodrow Hall has a policy to allow choice, so we allow you to choose a caterer. But we do have some advise on how to choose that vendor.

First, choose a vendor who has experience with weddings. We saw one couple choose a street vendor with a rolling kitchen who sold food at fairs and other outside events… with less than successful results. We have also seen friends, family members and other non-professional people attempt to cater a wedding. Many of these resulted in a disappointed bride and groom as well as guests who were left shaking their heads.

So, we have created a list of ten tips!

1.) Choose a professional

2.) Make sure they are licensed

3.) Ask for references and check them out!

4.) Taste their food

5.) Be honest about your budget

6.) Ask if you can provide some of the food items, especially if you have an aunt who makes killer desserts!

7.) Read and understand the contract

8.) Insist that the caterer coordinate the entire event with the wedding planner, baker, venue and DJ to make sure the day runs smoothly.

9.) Make sure the contract spells out how many servers the caterer will bring. Rule of thumb 1 per 50 guests for buffet, 1 per 25 guests for served dinner.

10.) Hold back 5-10% of the total payment until the venue gives you the all clear sign. Caterers have been known to leave a big mess for the venue and you will face increased clean up charges if this happens.

Woodrow Hall invites you to choose from any caterer on our list of preferred caterers or bring your own. But remember we will have them sign an agreement that covers their responsibilities and will require him or her to be licensed and insured and clean up afterward.

Call Woodrow Hall for a visit or to talk about your upcoming wedding!


Guide to a Perfect Birmingham Wedding and Reception: Budget Worksheet

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The following are the individual items you need to include in your budget. Use this to start the process of finding ballpark figures for each of the items. Once you have made a few calls and visited a few places, you can start to set a realistic budget.

Save the Date Cards
Postage for both
Misc stationary (thank you notes, letter head for notes to your bridemaids, etc.)
Wedding Attire: Tuxedo rental, Bridal Gown, Honey Moon Clothes
Attendant Gifts
Officiate Fees
Wedding Coordinator/Planner
Parking Lot Attendants/Security
Wait Staff (plan for one per 25 people for a sit down dinner and one per 50 for a buffet
Clean Up Services
Venue Rental
Misc Rentals: linens, dishes, glassware, special decorations, audiovisual equipment

Woodrow Hall would be delighted to provide you with a free estimate on our services. We have years of experience and two beautiful, restored, historic banquet halls to host weddings from 50 to 350 guests! Call 205-243-4243 to set up an appointment to see a perfect venue for your wedding!


Guide to a Perfect Wedding: Advice From a Birmingham Venue on Budgeting

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Your wedding is probably going to be the most important day of your life. It demands a lot of time and effort to plan it. And it will cost a lot of money! More money than you will ever spend again in your life for a single celebration… that is until you pay for your children’s wedding!

It is easy to get carried away when you are trying to live a life long dream in one day. But getting carried away is going to cost you a lot in stress and potentially cripple your first years of marriage. So, to ensure your wedding is relatively stress free and to be able to pay for your housing… you need to set a budget.
Weddings typically cost thousands of dollars. They involve a lot of individual costs, but there are some typical budget numbers that hold true.

The different “buckets” are:

Wedding reception: 50%
Photography: 10%
Music: 10%
Wedding Attire: 10%
Flowers: 10%
Stationary: 6%
Other 4%

You should set a relative budget for the wedding but be realistic. You cannot budget $1000 for your caterer for 200 guests unless you plan to serve a “Happy Meal”! Likewise a full, open bar for 150 adults of drinking age cannot be done for less than $3000. And renting a high end venue is not possible in Birmingham for less than $1000 unless you choose a community center and even then you will spend a fortune to decorate it if during the weekdays it serves as a basket ball court!

Although there are a thousand ways to have an affordable wedding, remember that most costs for a wedding are directly related to the number of guests. So plan accordingly. If you want a big wedding, expect to pay a big price or you will need to make compromises on the food, venue and entertainment. And most importantly, the day is a celebration of your love and commitment to one another and a way to have your loved ones celebrate the start of a new life together.

Woodrow Hall would love to help you plan your wedding. We are experts at helping couples meet their budget and have developed innovative ways to make the wedding of your dreams elegant, romantic, memorable… and affordable!

Call 205-243-4243 or email VintageRomance@WoodrowHall to set up a visit or just to talk!


Five Cost Saving Rules for Your Wedding From a Birmingham Alabama Venue Owner

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It seems like the current economic slow-down is lasting forever… and you want to get married! So how do you make your wedding seem elegant but at the same time affordable! Here are 5 ideas from a venue owner.

Smaller is Better
Almost every cost increases proportionately with the guest list. The number of people influences the size of the venue, the number of tables and chairs (think linen costs, centerpieces, plate and flatware rental, food etc.) Our restored Magnolia Room offers room for 100 with only limited number of linens needed as we planned for a low cost venue. Linens are optional on the hand made tables. Our chairs are Chiavari chairs… no linen needed! We can host your wedding for less than $1000!

Control the Alcohol Costs
A signature drink in the color of your wedding theme along with beer and wine is a LOT less expensive than an open bar which can cost upwards of $25 per adult guest! A signature drink looks like it was a planned part of the decorative elements of the wedding and does not look like it is a cost saving measure. Also limit the time of the bar to the pre-reception time and during the actual reception. Limiting the bar during the late part of the reception also allows guests to go home with less alcohol on board!

Hors D’oeuvres Galore!
Think about Hors D’oeuvres as a part of the entire meal. They look very high end, but they also decrease the cost of the main meal as the main meal can be a bit more simple…just a starch, vegetable and meat or other protein. Remember the serving table can look elegant with simple touches such as a special serving tray, large blocks of wood to elevate the dishes, flowers, glass holders and lots of color!

Think Off-Peak Days and Times
If you choose an early wedding, often time the banquet hall will give you a big break on the cost. If you finish by 3 or 4 o’clock, they can have a late reception, the most popular time, that pays for the rent. Also, a Friday or Sunday can save about one half on the rental fee!

Keep Your Decorations Simple!
Lots of flowers cost LOTS of money! Also, think of the most common flowers for that time of year. Exotic flowers can cost a fortune as they need to be flown in from other countries! Also, more common colored flowers are much less expensive than a special color of turquoise! Also, pick a venue that has natural beauty, it takes less to decorate it.

Don’t spend a lot of money on things that people do not care about like favors and valet parking. Use it for lighting and the music and have a really exclusive wedding that is a lot of fun but not expensive!

Woodrow Hall has a lot more ideas on how to save your valuable money! Call us (205-243-4243) for a free estimate on using our Large banquet hall or the latest entry, The Magnolia Room, an exceptionally inexpensive high end intimate historic ballroom!


Wedding Reception Venue Offers Money Saving Tips for Birmingham Weddings

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Brides hosting their wedding at Woodrow Hall are constantly looking for an opportunity to preserve precious funds in their wedding planning. And for good reason! Every dollar saved on their wedding costs is a dollar they can spend on their upcoming marriage! They can use the money for their honeymoon, housing, furnishing or whatever.

But what are the acceptable ways to cut costs and still have a wonderful wedding day?

One way is to decrease the money spent on the alcohol. Alcohol is, of course, associated in many people’s minds with any celebration or party. But, it also adds a lot of cost and at times some socially unpleasant effects. So, controlling the amount of alcohol at a wedding is not a bad thing. You are not looking to reproduce a drunken college party, you are trying to host a wonderful wedding reception experience!

Remember that much of the total cost of alcohol is the tax associated with it. About 20% of your total bill goes to the state and local governments! So venues, be it a restaurant or bar or wedding venue needs to charge more than you would pay at a container store!

There are huge differences in the price of regular drinks and premium drinks… but they all have the same alcohol content!

With these things in mind, how can you provide alcohol, keep people from becoming too “happy” and still save money?

Here are some money saving ideas:

First, provide other liquids such as ice tea, soft drinks and water to provide thirst relief
Second, consider having a Signature Drink that matches your wedding reception colors and has a touch of alcohol
Consider one special drink such as a Sangria or Margarita
Serve just wine and/or beer
Offer free wine, beer and Signature drinks and a cash bar
Offer a token for a free drink to every adult then a cash bar
Have just a champagne toast
Have a “spiked punch”
Create a special “infusion” drink with special herbs, fruits and spices. The internet has numerous ideas on this.
Consider a wine spritzer; basically a house wine with Sprite.

At Woodrow Hall, we have seen virtually all of these and more offered by brides and grooms to keep the budget controlled as well as to keep people “under the limit”.

We can work with any budget and would love to assist you in panning the wedding of your choice with the alcohol package that meets your needs. Call 205-243-4243 for more information or to schedule a visit!


The Magnolia Room and Woodrow Hall Team Up For a Wonderful Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Ceremony and Reception!

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Many brides are looking for a place for an affordable Birmingham Wedding, Reception and Rehearsal Dinner . Think about all of the time and money you will spend for your rehearsal dinner, a beautiful wedding ceremony venue, and a wedding reception venue. Each will need decorations. Each will charge a separate charge for the use of the space. There will be travel, need for separate directions, confusion and separate parking problems.

We have a solution! Woodrow Hall has the ability to offer brides a single stop for all three of these activities under one contract and one overall price!

We have just about completed The Magnolia Room at Woodrow Hall. It has beautiful hand made “antique” wooden tables, elegant Chiavari Chairs; the same design that Jackie Kennedy had at her wedding. It also has soft lighting, dramatic “up-lights” and polished century old floors!

If you plan your wedding at Woodrow Hall, we can host your rehearsal dinner. You can pick the caterer of your choice or we can provide great references for a caterer. You can rehearse the wedding in our historic Woodrow Hall, and just one floor away your rehearsal dinner will be prepared for you with soft candle lights, mood setting center pieces and a professional sound system for your speeches and music enjoyment.

If you use one location for your rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony and reception, your two day celebration will go much more smoothly and you will be left with pleasant memories instead of lost relatives and logistical issues!


Affordable Birmingham Wedding Venue Package Price for Under $1000!

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We are opening a new banquet hall, The Magnolia Room at Woodrow, that will offer brides the ability to have the wedding of their dreams at a cost they can afford! Housed in the popular Woodrow Hall, this newly restored banquet hall is specifically designed for the smaller wedding. It is perfect for those brides hosting a wedding for up to ~100 total.

But it does not stop there. You can save money by using The Magnolia Room at Woodrow, but there are other ways to save also. But to save money you need to do a lot more planning and some of the work yourself!

Remember that the bigger the wedding is, the more expensive it is. It costs a lot more than twice as much to invite 150 people than to have 75 people. The difference is because to move to 150 or more people, you now move to a much larger building or banquet hall!

With this in mind, Woodrow Hall chose to open up an elegant historical banquet hall we call “The Magnolia Room” that has all of the charm of the original but is more intimate.

For the guests, we also have hand built tables that look like they belong in a century old building that do not need linens, saving a considerable amount of money on most of your linen rental. The room has dramatic woodwork, wonderful window coverings, large chandeliers and beautiful mirrors.


So, fill a room with people you love and have your wedding reception at a “brand new” vintage banquet hall that can provide the wedding of your dreams… in an affordable manner!