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Birmingham’s Guide to The Perfect Chiavari Chair

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Chiavari Chairs have long been known as the most popular choice of seating for special occasions such as weddings, and upscale events such as the Grammy Awards and even Dancing With The Stars! Chiavari chairs are so elegant and beautiful on its own but if you want to create something different try dressing up the chiavari chairs with satin ribbons, organza sashes or fresh flowers.

Give your room an open feel & highlights the table décor

When your guests walk into a room filled with chiavari chairs, it is a refreshing and dynamic utilization of space. Since chiavari chairs entail a non-enclosure design, your table cloth and décor can be highlighted with a refine balance that you and your guest can appreciate. Regular banquet chairs can cover the table setup and linens can sometime suffocate space and make the setup look cluttered, chiavari chairs simply opens the entire room up.

 Ideal design for limitless creativity

If you’re a bride with an insatiable desire to decorate, chiavari chairs provides a perfect canvas. Decorate till your heart’s content! Add colorful sashes of satin or organza, loop it around vertically or horizontally, double the sashes for contrasting colors, use different color accents either with flowers or even jewelry, truly the skies the limit. Really there are no rules, you are the artist of your own event.


However, Chiavari Chairs are already perfect as they are – bare and beautiful. An ideal ingredient that doesn’t need enhancement or further accentuation. Brides don’t have to spend more on accessories when you’ve already said everything with the ideal wedding chair. With this essential component in place, now you can focus on the table, the dinnerware, and the centerpiece. Chiavari chairs provide the perfect foundation to elevate your décor to a totally new level.

Make this look complete your dream day with us at Woodrow Hall. Woodrow Hall’s Gold Chiavari Chairs beautifully accents the exposed brick, high ceilings, huge wooden beams, and large ballroom adorned with vintage lanterns.  Schedule your tour with us today!! Contact 205.243.4243 or 205.200.6494.  Email us at or

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Woodrow Hall's Magnolia Room

Perfect for up to about 100 guests!



Baby Shower Agenda, Ideas from a Birmingham Venue Manager

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What is the best order for the activities at a baby shower? Well, there is no exact formula for the agenda, but the following list gives you an example of when to do each phase of the shower.

Welcome Time: This should last about 10 minutes and allow people to mingle. Think of providing a poster board of baby photos of the mom-to-be or a slide show for those who have the skills to scan in and produce a power point show.

Ice Breakers: There are literally hundreds of games and other ice breakers to allow your guests to get to know each other a bit. Search the internet for a few and give them a try!

Welcome: A formal announcement by the host will begin the formal time of the event. A short story about the couple or the mom-to-be and a sincere thank you for all those attending is a great way to get started.

Eating: There are no rules for food. It can be very informal finger food or a full meal. Let your imagination run wild!

Game Time: You can start the games as people settle down with their meal. Again, there are hundreds of game ideas for baby showers. Pick a few and make sure you have some great prizes to make it really fun for your guests!

Opening Gifts: Gift opening time is a fun time for all. It allows other moms to think back to their first birth and of course the mom-to-be is thinking about how much she appreciates all that the guests are contributing to her and her newborn. Remember that the mom-to-be should prepare a small gift for the host to thank her for the shower. There are no real rules for what this should be. It could be a spa day, or a gift certificate to a nail salon or a decorative piece of glassware.

Good byes: Don’t make the mistake of having a shower last all day. The older women will wear out and need to leave after a few hours. Four hours seems to be about the right time from our experience.

Woodrow Hall has a perfect space for a baby shower. We have just finished restoring a second, century old banquet hall that we call The Magnolia Room. We can make it available for just a few hundred dollars on week nights and Sundays.

It does not need linen table cloths as we have furnished it with hand made antique wooden tables. In addition, we have gold Chiavari chairs that are just perfect for a festive event such as a baby shower. We even provide centerpieces for your use and chaffing dishes to keep your food warm!

Call Woodrow Hall (205-243-4243 for a tour and a free quote!


Birmingham Event Venue Offers a Budgeting Tool for a Baby Shower

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Hosting a baby shower may seem like an intimidating in a lot of ways, but the cost should not be a major concern. The costs can be sorted into just a few buckets.

They include:
Venue Rental
This will be a large portion of your total retirement party cost. You can significantly reduce the cost of a venue rental if you hold the party on an “off night” such as a Sunday, or Monday through Thursday. Venues charge much more for Friday and Saturday nights. We have VERY low rates for weekdays…in fact they are too low to publish so… call us!

Since Woodrow Hall does not “force” people to buy “our” food, you can save a huge amount of money by having your own caterer or even asking attendees to bring in a “hot dish”. We can provide chafers and coffee and tea making machines as a part of the rental fee. This will reduce the cost of rentals as well as food costs making them virtually zero for the budget line! Woodrow Hall can provide food for a very low cost if you do choose to have us arrange for the food. Ask our Director for her advice!

Everyone wants at least a modicum of decorations. But, with a beautifully appointed venue, the need for decorations decreases significantly! The Magnolia Room has natural beauty with beautiful window treatments, colorful (you can set the color) up-lights to accent the space and large wooden beams accenting high ceilings. We also have a selection of centerpieces at a modest charge to save you even more money. You will not need to rent linens for The Magnolia Room at Woodrow Hall as we have furnished it with hand made wooden antique tables that do not need linens.

The games you choose are the entertainment. While you will need some simple prizes, there are hundreds of games you can find on the internet at no charge.

The only other item you may choose to budget for are invitations, but you can purchase a generic invitation for just pennies, or since you can use phone, email and other media, this can actually be free!

So, there you have it. Basically 5 costs to budget for. And remember that if you have each guest help supply one or more items, bring in your own food and use our decorations, you can have a really memorable baby shower for a very low price!

Call Woodrow Hall at 205-243-4243 for a tour and for a free estimate.


Timeline for a Baby Shower: Advice From A Birmingham Venue Manager

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Most baby showers are held about 4-6 weeks before the expected delivery or a few weeks after the birth. No matter whether it is held before or after the birth, we suggest for your peace of mind to start about 4-6 weeks prior to the date you set.

But remember, the staff at Woodrow Hall can help set up one in a real hurry if you get in a pinch!

The following is a suggested time line for planning a baby shower:

4-6 weeks before the shower
Select a date, time and place
Select a theme or color scheme
Create the guest list
Mail the invitations: include directions
Look for sales and start to purchase decorations, tableware, streamers, other decorations, party favors, etc

3-4 weeks prior to the shower
Create a list of RSVPs and call people who have not responded
Plan the games and arrange for the gifts
Determine the menu and finalize food arrangements or shopping list
Order the cake
Order balloons and other decorations
Find and collect a few fun icebreakers to make sure guests who do not know each other are able to mingle

2 weeks prior to the shower
Finalize guest list
Finalize the decorations
Finalize the games and prizes (make sure you have plenty of pencils!)
Arrange to borrow or purchase large serving dishes, beverage dispensers etc if the venue or caterer is not providing them.

1 week prior to the shower
Double check your list and correct any omissions
Remind all volunteers of their agreed to duties (don’t forget to assign a greeter, photographer, someone to record the gifts and giver, someone to help pick up the wrapping paper after gifts are open, cake cutters, etc)
Buy batteries for the camera or ensure they are charged
Make sure you have enough memory on your camera cards
Verify number of guests with venue and finalize table set-up plan
Wrap favors and prizes
Create name tags

The day before and day of the shower
Prepare the food and cake if you are not purchasing them
Decorate and set up the room(s)
Pick up any balloons
Purchase ice (if not supplied by the venue)


Woodrow Hall has a room that is perfect for a baby shower. It holds about 100 people and has hand made tables, Chiavari chairs and a century’s worth of charm. With wonderful windows and soft lighting, it is perfect!. And it is VERY inexpensive! Call 205-243-4243 for an appointment.


Steps for Hosting a Baby Shower; Tips From A Birmingham Event Venue

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How much time does it take to plan a baby shower? Not very long!

A baby shower can be a rather simple event and the planning cycle can be as short as a few weeks! This is especially true if you choose a weekday or a Sunday. Friday and Saturday nights need a much longer planning time as the venues (including Woodrow Hall) start to become booked a year or more in advance by brides and reunions.

Woodrow Hall has just opened up a medium size ballroom which we call The Magnolia Room, that has plenty of availability. We see that it is starting to be an “on-the-spur-of-the-moment”, venue for birthday parties, smaller weddings, parties and showers. In fact, we could probably host a baby shower the same week you call if it is a weekday, weeknight or even a Sunday!

But, even though the lead-time can be short, there are still a number of items to plan for.

They include:
Finding a venue and finalizing a contract (start early!)
Choosing a menu and caterer or arranging for your relatives or guests to bring in food
Buying and sending invitations (off the shelf invitations are immediately available, custom invitations may take weeks to arrive; so plan ahead!)
Choosing and obtaining decorations (We can help here also!)
Setting up for the party: Woodrow Hall can do all of the set up if you wish us to!

So, you see, the largest lead time barrier to a baby shower is the time it takes to find a venue. Since the next most important issue is the actual social calendar for the guests, you can typically start to plan about 4-6 weeks prior, as most people have not made commitments more than a month in advance except for very important family events such as a family wedding or vacation.

If you want to hold a baby shower and do not have a lot of time, call Woodrow Hall at 205-243-4243. We can put together a party in virtually no time! And, our new banquet hall, The Magnolia Room, is just what you are looking for. It has hand made tables, Chiavari chairs, high ceilings with historic moldings and great lighting! Come by and see it!