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Are signature drinks a must have?

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If you are wanting to do a signature drink make sure it matches you as a couple. Some are to worried about it matching their wedding colors and the drink may not taste so great! Make sure it taste good and is not loaded with dyes. Also make sure that drink can be made virgin too so everyone can try it. Don’t make the signature drink the only drink available (yes I have seen this done). You can just have beer, wine and your signature drink if you are not doing a full open bar or if you are doing a full open bar,  have a few other fun cocktails. Here are plenty to think about:


Birmingham’s Guide to The Perfect Chiavari Chair

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Chiavari Chairs have long been known as the most popular choice of seating for special occasions such as weddings, and upscale events such as the Grammy Awards and even Dancing With The Stars! Chiavari chairs are so elegant and beautiful on its own but if you want to create something different try dressing up the chiavari chairs with satin ribbons, organza sashes or fresh flowers.

Give your room an open feel & highlights the table décor

When your guests walk into a room filled with chiavari chairs, it is a refreshing and dynamic utilization of space. Since chiavari chairs entail a non-enclosure design, your table cloth and décor can be highlighted with a refine balance that you and your guest can appreciate. Regular banquet chairs can cover the table setup and linens can sometime suffocate space and make the setup look cluttered, chiavari chairs simply opens the entire room up.

 Ideal design for limitless creativity

If you’re a bride with an insatiable desire to decorate, chiavari chairs provides a perfect canvas. Decorate till your heart’s content! Add colorful sashes of satin or organza, loop it around vertically or horizontally, double the sashes for contrasting colors, use different color accents either with flowers or even jewelry, truly the skies the limit. Really there are no rules, you are the artist of your own event.


However, Chiavari Chairs are already perfect as they are – bare and beautiful. An ideal ingredient that doesn’t need enhancement or further accentuation. Brides don’t have to spend more on accessories when you’ve already said everything with the ideal wedding chair. With this essential component in place, now you can focus on the table, the dinnerware, and the centerpiece. Chiavari chairs provide the perfect foundation to elevate your décor to a totally new level.

Make this look complete your dream day with us at Woodrow Hall. Woodrow Hall’s Gold Chiavari Chairs beautifully accents the exposed brick, high ceilings, huge wooden beams, and large ballroom adorned with vintage lanterns.  Schedule your tour with us today!! Contact 205.243.4243 or 205.200.6494.  Email us at or

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Woodrow Hall's Magnolia Room

Perfect for up to about 100 guests!



Tips on Picking the Perfect Birmingham Party Venue

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Birmingham may not compete with Las Vegas for the “Party Land” designation, but we do LOVE parties. Whether they be birthday parties, anniversaries, sales or award parties, Holiday Parties, or just a plain get together, Southerners are known to be very social animals.
Of course, most social events occur at homes, but when the event gets bigger, you need to choose a venue. There are plenty of options from church halls to community buildings such as fire departments or VFW posts, but most people would rather have a professionally run venue.

The biggest consideration in renting a venue is cost.
Hotels can cost Ten Thousand Dollars just to start. Other venues that are not related to a hotel have fixed minimums of 10-15,000 for a Saturday night.

Restaurants usually require a minimum and typically cannot handle 100 or more people. And remember that they also typically remain open making you compete with the outside diners for parking, attention and even bathroom space!

There are actually only a few dedicated, professionally run venues in Birmingham. Woodrow Hall is one of them. And, because of our business model, we are one of the least expensive and offer a LOT more services and options for the same price! In fact, our newest restoration, The Magnolia Room can provide you with an up-scale, intimate banquet hall for 100 guests for hundreds of dollars, not thousands of dollars! Sunday nights, and weeknights are even less expensive… less than $500 for the typical party!


People don’t think about service when planning a routine party. Certainly a wedding is a different animal and people understand the need for perfection, but even a reunion needs the venue to provide well trained customer service oriented people to look after the special needs of every party. If you rent a venue, do you have a dedicated staff person who is available at a moments notice to help with an unforeseen need? Woodrow Hall and The Magnolia Room at Woodrow Hall will do just that!


Many hosts would love to provide their own alcohol. But state law prohibits it in most cases. So, what alcohol packages are available. Most venues charge $20-25 or even more per person for an open bar. And for good reason! Most open bars pour a LOT of alcohol as guests release their inhibitions and drink on your dime! Woodrow Hall offers a variety of options that allow you to offer alcohol, but at the same time keep your generosity from being abused by a few. We also save you a LOT of money in the process!
Also, ask about our Signature Drink Package!


Many venues host parties that are crowded! They try to fit too many people into a too small space, with the result that is predictable. People bumping into each other, spilled food and drinks, you know the drill.

Woodrow Hall has two separate ballrooms. One can easily seat 200 people or host up to 350 if you choose not to have seats for all. The other can seat 100 people.

And both still have room for the band or DJ and dancing! Woodrow Hall was built in 1914 when there was no air conditioning… so people wanted LOTS of space! And we have it… (and we do have a GREAT brand new air conditioning system!)

Character and Charm:

Nothing is more boring than a hotel with a suspended ceiling and plain drywalled walls. Woodrow Hall has a century of charm and patina. From the original massive wooden beams to the exposed brick walls, programmable up-lights, soft overhead lighting, vintage highly polished floors, hand made accent pieces to the modern LCD projector and Plasma TV, we have it all! Attention to detail is important to us and it shows.
This charm allows you to show off the space instead of spending a fortune on decorations! We can have a custom slide show on the large screen as part of your theme.


Restaurants and most Hotels charge you to erect a stage for your band or DJ or for your speeches. We have one built in… and it, like the rest of the building is just a few years shy of a century old!

PA system:

How would you like to spend $300-$500 to rent a PA system? Of course not! We have an excellent sound system that costs you nearly nothing!… Just ask!


Nearly 100 percent of the Birmingham Venues require you to purchase the food from their kitchen. We don’t. It is that simple!
If you choose to have a leading caterer or a pizza shop provide food, just do it! We do have a food prep area with a modern convection oven and a warming oven to keep food at the proper temperature. We also have a “staging and bussing” area for your caterer. We can provide you with glasses and dishes and flatware… and at the same time save you a lot of hassle on rentals and transporting these items. Again, just ask!


Most Birmingham Venues have parking on the street, in a yard or a long distance from the actual banquet hall. Woodrow Hall has over 125 parking places adjacent to the actual building… no crossing the street or hiking to another county! And no need to pay for a valet unless you choose to!

So, when you are looking for a Birmingham Party Venue, ask plenty of questions, get competitive bids… in the end you will find that Woodrow Hall or The Magnolia Room at Woodrow Hall offer you the most for the least!

Call 205-243-4243 today to visit or to ask questions, or email


Friday On My Mind Retro Party

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Party With Us, Retro Style!!!!!!!!
Friday On My Mind……
Suit up for Friday On My Mind! That’s 5 hours of classic soul spun by the brightest new star DJs on Birmingham’s growing classics scene.Woodrow Hall is located in the heart of historic Woodlawn, and contains 3800 square feet of column free dance floor space, so get ready to move your feet.Like Martha said, it doesn’t matter what you wear, just as long as you’re there. From Smokey to Stevie, from Otis to Isaac. We’ll be spinning all your old favorites. So come down and groove with us on Friday May 18th.$5.00 CoverDoors open at 8, but the DJs spin at 9.  Hip and groovy mixed drinks from the 50’s, 60’s ,70’s and today by our very own mixologist. Bring some extra folding money, because we may have some vinyl for sale in the lobby.See you there!
Join us on Friday May the 18th @ 8:00-12a.m., for the fastest growing event in Birmingham.

Tazmine Morton Stephens
Woodrow Hall

Woodrow Hall

5504 1st Avenue North
Birmingham, AL

Smokey R.
Otis Redding
Issac H.
Where: Woodrow Hall5504 1st Avenue NorthB’ham, Al 35080When: 5/18/2012Time: 8p.m.-12:00a.m.