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Woodrow Hall, A Birmingham Venue, Offers Their Guide to the Perfect Wedding: A Dozen Questions to Answer Prior to Writing Your Wedding Vows

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Many couples are choosing to formalize their marriage commitment with a unique, meaningful and personal set of wedding vows. If you choose to create your own vows, first speak to your priest, minister, rabbi or other officiate. Some have strict rules on what must be said.

The best way to start out is to ask yourselves a series of questions that will allow you both to focus on some of the key elements of personalized vows.

Although answering these questions honestly and transparently with each other may be difficult or stretch you in a few ways (especially the guys!), these are key questions to answer prior to creating the foundation for a strong and enduring marriage.

1.) What is your definition of love and commitment? Of marriage and family. Of trust and “death do you part”?
2.) What are the characteristics of your partner that first created your attraction for one another?
3.) Was there a specific moment or event that occurred where you realized you were “in love” and could reasonably foresee spending your life together as husband and wife?
4.) How did you express it to your fiancé?
5.) What differences do the two of you have?
6.) In what ways do you complement each other and “complete” each other?
7.) How as your fiancé made you a better person?
8.) How has your love grown for each other?
9.) How has your commitment grown and blossomed?
10.) Do you share a special song?
11.) How has religion played a role in leading the two of you toward a path of marriage?
12.) How will you two deal with hardships and disappointments, health problems, financial issues?

Some extras!

What goals have you both set for your marriage?
How do you view intimacy and the possible children you create?
How do you anticipate growing and changing over the coming years… of growing old together?

Once you have listed answers to each of these questions, you will have a good foundation for your vows and in fact for your life together as husband and wife.

Woodrow Hall would love to have you publicly state your vows at our historic venue. As it approaches its one hundredth anniversary, we can only guess at how many loving couples celebrated their wedding within its walls. Please call us at 205-243-4243 or email us at

If you wish, you can also schedule a time to visit on our website scheduling tool:


Guide to the Perfect Wedding: A Dozen Questions to Ask Prior to Booking Birmingham Wedding Venue

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Lets face it, a wedding is really not a wedding without a celebration!

Of course, the religious aspects of an intimate ceremony where you are gathered before man and God is an important aspect to the sacredness of marriage, but, the celebration is where you can truly have a fun time with your loved ones and family. The celebration is probably the most single difficult items of the wedding to plan.

The wedding reception is not just a party, it is a very festive event where you not only have good food and company but flowers, special lighting, music, cakes, dancing and photographer(s). There are a lot of specific items and expenses to plan for. The biggest single item is choosing the venue or banquet hall. Venues book up months to more than a year in advance so promptly searching for one and deciding is very important.

Key questions to ask prior to booking a wedding venue include:

How many people can the banquet hall comfortably seat?

Is there a dance floor and a place for the band or DJ to perform?

Does it come with tables and chairs or do you need to rent them separately?

How much does it cost for the number of hours you will need it?

Is parking available? Is it free or is there a charge?

Is there an in house caterer? Can you use an outside caterer?

Can you bring in your own alcohol of do you need to purchase it from them? (Note, If the facility has a liquor license, the state of Alabama requires you to purchase the alcohol from the facility.)

Is there a coat check available?

What are the deposit requirements?

Is there a private room for the bride and groom?

Does the facility have the ability to host the wedding ceremony and the reception?

There are obviously many different types of facilities for your reception from outside pavilions to hotel banquet halls. One of the most popular is a vintage banquet hall in a historic building. Woodrow Hall offers just that.

Our century old restored banquet hall has a hundred years of charm with the added touches expected in a modern facility. From exposed brick walls to high ceilings to large wooden beams, to wonderful lighting, you can be assured that your guests will be impressed not only with the setting but also with the service!

To visit historic Woodrow Hall, call us at 205-243-4243 or email us at

If you wish, you can also schedule a time to visit on our website scheduling tool:


Guide to a Perfect Birmingham Wedding: You Picked the Venue, Now…Planning Your Reception

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Guide to a Perfect Birmingham Wedding: Planning Your Reception

After the difficult task of picking your reception venue, the next steps are rather mundane!

The steps you need to plan for are:

What time of day?
How long?
How many people?
Decorations: flowers, candles, fabric, lighting?
Food: menu, sit down, buffet, light, heavy?
Alcohol: to have or have not!
Open bar or cash bar or combination?
Arrangement of tables?
Types and colors of linens?
Seating charts: keeping people happy!
Dance songs?
DJ or Band?
Schedule of events during the reception?
Photos you wish to have at the reception?
Private times before or after the ceremony?
Final dance song?
How do you wish to exit: carried out, bubbles, sparklers, bird seed, rice, limo?

Obviously there are a thousand details to work out, but the above list can act as a general guide to planning your perfect wedding reception!

Remember we have two different banquet halls available for your wedding. One can seat about 200 and the other about 100. Both have a wonderful ambiance and great vintage touches… as well as modern amenities such as special lighting, sound system and plenty of space.

Our experienced staff can help. We have hosted a LOT of weddings! We also have a venue that lends itself to a variety of looks, and themes. Contact us today… click on the “Contact” tab for names, telephone numbers and even an easy way to schedule an appointment!


Guide to the Perfect Wedding: Birmingham Wedding Venue Discusses Wedding Consultants

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Although not absolutely necessary, engaging a wedding consultant or wedding planner makes planning a wedding much more simple. Most likely you have not planned a wedding before. You may not have even been in a wedding before your own! Where to you start? How do you make all of the decisions? What are the best deals, highest quality, and preferred vendors? How do you even judge between the many offerings you will need to choose?

Without experience, many of these decisions become quite cumbersome! Finding a trusted consultant can make your decisions easier. If you have plenty of time, you can certainly do all of the planning yourself, but if you are pressed for time because of a job, needing to hold your wedding in a far away city, or just plain busy, a consultant can save you a lot of time!

There are basically two types of consultants: independent and venue affiliated. Independent consultants are much more expensive and offer their services regardless of where you choose to hold your wedding. Venue consultants are attached to a specific church or wedding venue. They are expert at helping you plan your wedding at their “shop” so to speak.

Both types of consultants help with the planning. The Venue Affiliated consultant is typically very inexpensive as much of her time is considered part of the overall venue cost. The independent consultant can cost as much as 10-20% of the total cost of the wedding, depending upon how much time you allot to her work.

Some questions to ask a consultant are:
How long have you been a consultant?
Can she provide references?
Does the consultant have any other weddings on the same date as your wedding?
What is the cost?
What does this price include?

Woodrow Hall encourages you to ask for help in planning your wedding. If your budget allows, an independent consultant can be a wonderful addition to your wedding planning team. If you choose, we can serve in that role. Ask about this when you visit. Our staff is highly experienced in helping brides plan their wedding. We can assist with the choice of other vendors and stand ready to ensure your wedding is one that will be your dream come true!

To talk to our wedding consultants, please call 205-243-4243 or set up an appointment on our website at:


Guide to the Perfect Wedding Shower: Birmingham Venue Offers Suggestions

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An old custom is for brides to have a dowry in order to marry. If they had no dowery, they could not marry. Legend has it that the bridal shower is a way for brides who have no dowry to have friends and relatives “shower” upon her the needed household items to marry.

Although a dowry is no longer a custom let alone a necessity to enable marriage, showers are certainly a fun event for both the bride and guests! It is typical for the bridal party to host the shower but others such as family, friends and coworkers to also commonly sponsor a shower.

Most are somewhat smaller events than the wedding and are held in smaller event venues or a large home. Only women used to attend but some are holding couples showers so the guys can get involved. If only women attend, the fiancé can also attend at least for the introductions.

It is customary for the bride to be surprised about the shower although as with many of the other wedding customs, this custom also is not carved in stone and now-a-days many brides are actively involved in planning the shower!

Generally showers are rather informal with invitations being anything from a phone call to an “e-invite” to a mailing but with all of the new programs great custom invitations are very affordable.

Refreshments are a must, but it is not necessary to have a full meal. Common foods include fresh fruit, baked goods, salads, pizza, or just desserts. Many brides have a shower cake reflects one of their interests.

Often time womanly games (not of the risqué type!) are played. Numerous websites have lots of ideas with all of the instructions and even printable helpful pieces for this aspect of the party. Many sponsors pick a theme that helps set the tone for the shower. Examples include: “around the clock” theme, linen theme, kitchen theme, lingerie or even a recreation theme.

Just for your information, Woodrow Hall has two smaller rooms that are wonderful for showers! At about 1700 square feet, The Magnolia Room, is our smaller banquet hall and can seat up to about 100 people. We also have a room we call The Azalea Room which is about 600 square feet and can easily hold 30 or so people.

Both of these rooms can be set up with handcrafted tables, Chiavari chairs and food tables. These rooms are also used for rehearsal dinners, grooms dinners and even bachelor and bachelorette parties!

Please call us at 205-243-4243 or email us at If you wish, you can also schedule a time to visit on our website scheduling tool:


Guide to the Perfect Birmingham Wedding: Ideas from a Birmingham Wedding Venue on Duties of the Wedding Party

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You have chosen your wedding party. What is their role? Tradition plays a large part in the activities and responsibilities for each member of the wedding party. Historically, the groom’s men were responsible for ensuring the safe arrival of the bride to the wedding. In days of yore, they were basically bodyguards! Now a’days, the most dangerous part of the wedding day is the drive through traffic!

The maid or matron of honor assists with shopping for all of the wedding vendors, dress, decorations, and even addressing the envelopes. She takes charge of the bridal shower…with lots of help of course! She helps the bride dress for the ceremony, assists with the veil and train, holds the groom’s ring, holds the flowers as the bride and groom are going through their vows, signs the wedding certificate as a witness, helps the bride with her departure after the reception and of course: any other duties as assigned!

The best man organizes the grooms dinner, helps find a place for the formal wear, holds the bride’s ring prior to the ceremony, drives the groom to the wedding, (remains sober the night of the bachelor party!) gives payment to the officiant and other vendors as appropriate and returns the groom’s attire after the wedding (if rented).

The groom’s men are there to assist the best man in all of these duties as well as to light the candles, assist with set-up, meet and usher the guests, roll out the aisle runner, decorate the newlywed’s car, and oversee the transfer of gifts to a secure location after the celebration.

The bridesmaids assist with the bridal shower, keep the gift record, assist with pre-wedding planning, help with the bachelorette party, hand out bird seed, bubbles or other celebratory aids after the wedding and generally look after things.

It is customary for each of the bridal party to pay for his or her own wedding attire and to provide for a gift.

Obviously one of the biggest duties of both the men and women in the party is to help the celebration be a memorable, and joyous event! Some ways to do this are: learning a special dance, keeping the “loose ends” tied up during the day and in general taking the burden of the day away from the bride and groom so they can enjoy the day!

Keep organized! One way to do this is to ensure all telephone numbers and email addresses are preloaded in phones and smart-phones, keeping in constant communication and ensuring safe travels are key!

Woodrow Hall is delighted to be of great assistance in these activities. With our highly experienced staff, we can help make sure your wedding is stress-free and memorable!

You can call 205-243-4243 or schedule an appointment by visiting our scheduling tool at:


Your Wedding Party: Birmingham Wedding Venue Offers Ideas to Consider

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How do you choose a wedding party? How many people should be in the wedding party? Your wedding party can make or break your wedding. You need to consider a lot of things when you start to plan who to invite into this very intimate group.

As far as how many, this is a very common question that arises early in the wedding planning process. Of course you need a best man and matron or maid of honor, but beyond that, there are no real rules.

Formal weddings tend to have more attendants than informal ones, but again, you can feel free to have as few or as many as you see fit.

Obviously your best friend is your first consideration, but remember that politics also play a role. Many a bride has been “encouraged” to invite the future sister-in-law into the party to avoid hurt feelings. If you have strong feelings about not including someone your future mother-in-law wishes, consider heading her off at the pass by offering another important role for her, such as reading a passage of the bible during the ceremony or singing a special song.

One rule that is important to follow is to make sure you have a male attendant for each female, so each has an escort and a dance partner for the first dances. Feel free to have more male ushers than females if you choose, they can always find a partner for the dancing! One rule of thumb is to have one usher for every 50 guests.

Please consider the cost of being in the wedding party when inviting people. A young married couple who are still in school or who have tight finances can really be stretched by the cost of a gown, special activities and shower expenses. Make sure you openly discuss this when you talk to your choices. And remember that they may be too embarrassed to express their true thoughts.

Your wedding party should have time to get to know each other prior to the wedding. Take time to have a few activities long before the wedding day to allow them to become acquainted. They will be spending a very busy, fun filled, emotional day with you… the day will go much better if they act like a team!

Woodrow Hall has specific rooms arranged specifically for the wedding party. And if you have your wedding ceremony at Woodrow Hall, we can arrange for the bride to have a bridal room separate from the guys. Ask about the Bridal Suite and The Grooms Suite.

You can call 205-243-4243 to discuss your needs or if you wish to set up an appointment, just go to our website:

Good Luck with your plans!


Guide to a Perfect Wedding: Choosing a Wedding Date, Thoughts from a Birmingham Wedding Venue

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You’ve said YES! You have started to tell friends and relatives and the first question they ask is: “When is the Wedding?”

Obviously, this is your first big decision. The date or at least the season determines a lot of other items such as what type of dress, the flowers, ability for loved ones to attend… you get the picture.

There are numerous items to consider when choosing a date. First, do either of you need to complete college, finish a military commitment, pay off large loans, get a job? Do you have a dream of a specific season, such as a fall wedding, spring wedding, beach wedding? Are there conflicts that could interfere with a wedding such as a parent’s dream anniversary trip, a pregnancy, a graduation? It would be rather difficult for your parents to choose to attend your wedding or your younger brother’s graduation from college!

Money also comes into play. June and August are the most popular months and the competition for florists, caterers, venues and even bands is intense. Expect to spend more during peak seasons just like a beach front hotel is more expensive during the summer than winter.

How much time do you need to plan a wedding? This will also help you determine the date. Most weddings are planned months and months ahead of time. In fact, at Woodrow Hall, we are booking weddings up to 18 months into the future. But, a more common (and still comfortable) lead time is about 10-12 months.

If you wish to plan a wedding in a much shorter time period, you can do it. Just be prepared for a lot of decisions… really quickly! And remember, the larger the wedding celebration, the longer it takes to plan. So… if you are planning a more modest size, you can actually proceed rather quickly… as short as say, 3 or 4 months. Woodrow Hall has helped brides plan weddings with this amount of time and even less. Just ask!

One thought to consider, once you choose your wedding date, act quickly to contract for a venue. High quality, high service and highly desirable venues rapidly “book up” for the most popular dates. Act quickly and decisively. Woodrow Hall would love to host your wedding, and we have two separate banquet halls, but we can only hold a limited number of weddings each month. One alternative is to plan for a Friday or Sunday wedding. These days are in less demand and are thus significantly less expensive.

Because of our historic charm, the flexibility of our management and the service we offer, Woodrow Hall has become one of the more desirable venues in Birmingham. We can help you choose your wedding date and play your wedding. Stop by and talk to us…imagine walking down the isle to meet your future husband in our historic venue!

To set up an appointment, go to:

or call: 205-243-4243.


Package Price for Your Birmingham Wedding Reception

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The Magnolia Room at Woodrow Hall is offering a package price for the “smaller” wedding reception and most of your needs. We will provide a 1700 sq foot room that has antique charm combined with new lighting, hand made “vintage” tables, Chiavari Chairs, chafing dishes, food prep area, separate food serving room, sound system, centerpieces and an elegant setting all for one fixed price.

Smaller weddings are typically expensive! Most venues are built for larger groups and charge accordingly. They also nickel and dime you for every rental leaving you up in the air until the last minute. The Magnolia Room is your one stop shop. You choose your own caterer and use our newly restored venue and you can have a high class wedding for a low cost charge! We have provided tables that do not need linen saving you the rental charges. Also, Chiavari chairs are great for any wedding… they exhibit timeless elegance for your wedding!

The Magnolia Room is specifically designed for the smaller wedding, 50-90. So, if you are looking for a venue that specializes in smaller more intimate weddings, and are on a budget, come see The Magnolia Room at Woodrow!