Wedding Traditions: Bride’s Maids

In long lost days, the role of the bridesmaid was to accompany the bride as a protector on her way to the groom’s hometown or village.  In part, this was to protect her dowry.  In addition, Roman law required witnesses to come to the wedding to confuse evil spirits!  In fact, the attendants were to wear clothing similar to the bride to make the evil spirits confused as to who the actual bride was.

In or about 1066, Anglo Saxons had a tradition of having brides maids whose role was to lead the groom to the wedding.  Likewise the grooms men were to escort the bride.

There are other traditions that have been recorded regarding bridesmaids such as:

If a young women was a bride’s maid three times she would be destined to be a bride’s maid 4 more times until she could marry.

If a young woman from Brittany was able to collect all of the pins from the bride’s dress she would be destined to a kind husband, good marriage and many children.

Today it is still considered an honor to be a bride’s maid and the duties have been expanded to help plan the wedding and attend to the details of the ceremony and reception.  They still play a key role in the wedding party!

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