Wedding Traditions: Groomsmen

Groomsmen have an interesting history and tradition.  In Europe, in days of yore, the groomsmen were actually body guards of the bride to ensure she made it to the groom’s home with her dowry.  At one time, they were called bride’s knights!  They were friends of the groom and in fact were occasionally used to kidnap the bride if the parents did now wish to give the bride away to the groom.

The groomsmen also stand to the right of the bride so their right hand was free for their weapon!

Now a’days, the groomsmen’s roles are a lot more subdued.  They help support the groom, help arrange and pay for the bachelor party, escort the bridesmaids, assist with seating guests and generally have a lot of fun.

One duty of the best man is to say a toast or speech about the groom.  Our next blog entry will discuss the steps to follow on how to create and deliver a memorable speech!

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