Affordable Wedding Reception: Advice From a Wedding Venue Owner

The wedding reception, including wedding venue, decorations, food and entertainment makes up about 50% of the total cost of a wedding according to most wedding planners.  This amounts to thousands of dollars.

If you wish to hold down your wedding budget you will need to focus some attention on this part of the wedding.  As a manager of a wedding venue in Birmingham, I would like to offer a few ideas on how to reduce your costs.

First, hold your wedding and reception at the same facility.  This saves the cost of two rental fees and decorations for both.  Woodrow Hall is an expert at setting up for the ceremony and then during a brief cocktail break, transforming the event space into a banquet setting.

Decorations can be expensive.  Woodrow Hall has a number of ways to save you money, from a lighting package to inexpensive rental of hurricanes.  Talk to us about this!

Linens are also a potentially expensive line item.  We can save you money over outside rentals or purchase.  We have a wide variety of combinations of linens that are a hit with our brides!

Venue rental fee: Saturdays are the most expensive.  Other days are considerably less expensive. If you wish to save on this item, consider a Friday or Sunday wedding.

Skip valet parking

Drinks can be expensive, especially if you choose an open bar!  Uncle Bob can cost you a bunch if he has no limits.  Consider some of our alcohol packages to save a lot of money.

Food is one of the biggest costs for your reception.  Mid-day food tends to be less expensive than evening (think dinner) food items.  Also, Woodrow Hall allows you to choose any caterer (as long as they are licensed and have food handling permits).  This allows you to shop around for the best selection and value. Also, consider including a grits station or a mashed potato bar as a way to have a great food product at a low overall cost.

Servers for a sit down dinner add a huge amount to your total reception budget.  Use a buffet dinner to save a lot!

Woodrow Hall can work with you on how to stay within your budget.  Talk to us!

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