Wedding Banquet Lighting: Three Key Ingredients to a Successful Wedding Lighting Plan

Think back to the most romantic times you have spent with your fiancé.  If you close your eyes and try to “see in your mind’s eye” what the scene looked like, you will find that light played a key role!  Light turns blah into magnificent!

Shouldn’t you have a lighting plan for your wedding reception?

The managers of Woodrow Hall have spent a lot of time studying lighting options for wedding receptions.  Proper lighting for a wedding reception involves several key rules:

Dis’ the fluorescents! Nothing makes a wedding scream “Walmart!” more than overhead fluorescents!

Turn down the lights

Highlight the cake, the bridal centerpiece or an ice sculpture with a pin-spot or two

Use up-lights to create texture and to “decorate” the room with color

Use small lights on each table (candles, LED lights, etc)

And have a few flood lights highlighting the bridal table.

Another idea is to have a “spotlight” manned by a technician to follow the bride and groom into the room and illuminate their first dance!  This is your day, you should feel like a celebrity!

As a co-owner Woodrow Hall in Birmingham AL, I have seen a wide variety of lighting used for events.  I cannot stress enough the importance of the inclusion of a lighting plan for your celebration!  Also, for the next 30 days, those who mention this blog entry can receive a discount on your rental of the above lighting options for your wedding!

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