Birmingham’s Spirited Wedding: Alcohol Packages For Your Wedding Reception

One of the frequent questions we receive at Woodrow Hall is: Can I bring my own alcohol to the event?

Unfortunately due to the state liquor license laws and rules we cannot allow outside alcohol to be served in our facility. The Alabama liquor control board is pretty strict on this issue. We think that most of the time the real question is: Is there a less expensive way to serve alcohol at our wedding?

The management of Woodrow Hall has come up with several solutions. We offer several levels of alcohol service including an:
Open Bar with premium brands (the most expensive)
Open Bar with house brands
Beer and/or Wine (you choose the brands and types)
Bar Tab with a cash bar after the tab has run out,
Bride’s (or Groom’s) Signature Drink (you choose the ingredients, you choose the color, you name it!)

If you would like another option, feel free to suggest it as we are committed to working with you to create teh wedding of your dreams! Obviously the total cost for your event can vary widely based on the options you select and the number of drinking guests. Most events are choosing the Bar Tab route.

With a Bar Tab the bride and groom choose a specific dollar amount that they are responsible for. After this dollar amount is reached, we then convert to a cash bar where guests can have as many drinks as they desire but the bride and groom are not held responsible for the cost.

Remember that if you have a bar tab, we will be asking you to work with us on a system to allow all guests to take advantage of it. Typically couples use a token or ticket system that they distribute to their guests that allow them a free drink each. That way a few individuals cannot use up the entire tab. Woodrow Hall cannot take responsibility for ensuring that the bar tab is equally distributed to your guests.

Woodrow Hall has two large movable bars for the Banquet Hall and Grand Foyer. You can choose where you wish for them to be placed. For VERY large parties, we also have a smaller portable bar that can be used for limited types of drinks such as just beer, wine or signature drink.

Woodrow Hall will provide experienced bar tenders to serve you and your guests.

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