Having Your Birmingham Wedding Ceremony and Reception at Woodrow Hall

More and more we are finding brides wishing to have both their wedding ceremony and their reception at Woodrow Hall. They are finding that “renting” a church and paying for all of the clean up and other costs are beyond their budget. In addition, they find it is easier to have people find one place instead of having to search for a church and reception site, drive in inclement weather and get into and out of cars. Because we have such a large Grand Foyer and outside courtyard, we can accommodate these requests. Obviously, we set up the chairs for the ceremony then must rearrange the chairs and set up tables. This takes a short bit of time that must be planned into the schedule.

During the “intermission” the Bride and Groom can enjoy our Bride’s room and the guests can be offered light refreshments and drinks in the Grand Foyer. The band and DJ must also set up at this time. We have perfected this “quick change” and find that it usually comes off without a hitch! We do have a small charge for all of this extra time and work, but you will probably find that it is less expensive than the church rental.

What has surprised the guests is the dramatic transformation. During the wedding ceremony, they are sitting in chairs facing the front of the large hall, much like in a church. The lights are dim, the podium is set up with the minister or rabbi or priest. Some couples have a kneeling cushion or altar rail for communion. There are flowers on stands.

The guests leave the banquet room. refreshments are served as they see long lost loved ones.

They re-enter the same room and viola!… the dramatic up lights accent the exposed brick walls. The stage lights light up the bridal table which is now present with brightly colored linens. The tables and chairs have been moved in with linens and toppers, centerpieces and the cake is now seen with a pin spot lighting it! The dance floor is ready to host the newly weds!

Your guests will hardly believe they just left this same room!

Yes, this can happen in just 20-30 minutes and you can not only have a dream wedding but a memorable reception. Talk to us about this option and you will be amazed at how simple it will make your day!


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