Affordable Birmingham Wedding Venue Package Price for Under $1000!

We are opening a new banquet hall, The Magnolia Room at Woodrow, that will offer brides the ability to have the wedding of their dreams at a cost they can afford! Housed in the popular Woodrow Hall, this newly restored banquet hall is specifically designed for the smaller wedding. It is perfect for those brides hosting a wedding for up to ~100 total.

But it does not stop there. You can save money by using The Magnolia Room at Woodrow, but there are other ways to save also. But to save money you need to do a lot more planning and some of the work yourself!

Remember that the bigger the wedding is, the more expensive it is. It costs a lot more than twice as much to invite 150 people than to have 75 people. The difference is because to move to 150 or more people, you now move to a much larger building or banquet hall!

With this in mind, Woodrow Hall chose to open up an elegant historical banquet hall we call “The Magnolia Room” that has all of the charm of the original but is more intimate.

For the guests, we also have hand built tables that look like they belong in a century old building that do not need linens, saving a considerable amount of money on most of your linen rental. The room has dramatic woodwork, wonderful window coverings, large chandeliers and beautiful mirrors.


So, fill a room with people you love and have your wedding reception at a “brand new” vintage banquet hall that can provide the wedding of your dreams… in an affordable manner!

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