Birmingham Class Reunion Ideas and Planning Timetable

Woodrow Hall is pleased to host class reunions. A class reunion whether it be high school, college, graduate school or trade school is a great time to see old friends and enjoy the stories from your formative years. It is a rather intimidating activity to plan, so plan early. The following gives you a timetable for planning your class reunion.

One Year Before
Set up a committee, line up volunteers, form subcommittees and duties for each, define the activities for the reunion, set a date. At this time you should also start to look for a venue. Remember that the same venues that you are looking for are being used for weddings which are often booked more than a year in advance!

Also, at this time, set up a timetable for committee meetings, develop a project management plan and a way to record the minutes from the meetings so each subcommittee can track other activity.

Start to publicize the event. TV, newspapers and radio stations are natural places but the social media are even a better place to start. There are numerous websites that are dedicated to reunion planning. Look into them and pick one early. Remember that even Facebook could be set up for this event.

Start your own website if you have the resources.

Six Months Before
Mail out save-the-date notices and tell the classmates to mark their calendars and save to their favorites the reunion website, facebook site, etc. If you can put together a set of email addresses you can save the money you would use for postage.

At this time set up the ancillary vendors such as photographers, DJs, decorators, caterers, ancillary activities such as golfing, tours, etc.

Ask all invitees to send in photos and stories to a central location to create a nostalgia presentation.

One Month Before
Finalize all menu selections, meet with each vendor to finalize the plans and arrangements, finalize a nalstalgia slide deck for projection during the event. Assign a group of people to track down “missing classmates” using internet sites and online search tools. Finalize the attendance count for the venue, caters and other vendors.

Week of the Reunion
Ensure that the venue has all of the plans complete. Review the seating chart, the song list, the photographer plans and any loose ends.

The Day of the Event
Arrive early to check out the setting and have a drink with the committee members! You all deserve it!

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