Ideas for a Birmingham Class Reunion

Woodrow Hall in NE Birmingham is a great place for a class reunion. With nearly 6000 sq feet of entertainment space including a large foyer, two bars, a grand ballroom in an historic building, it is perfect! It has exposed brick walls, modern sound system, great lighting, a large dance floor and lots of other amenities!

We really like class reunions as they are a special time for people to get together for some fun, reunite with old friends dance and enjoy great food and drink! The guests love seeing how their friends have progressed in their life plans. There is a lot of planning to do for a reunion. Besides the dinner dance, consider some of the following;

Special reunion Blog Site
Special name tags
Photo booth
Slide show of photos from the year book, other sources
Subgroup meeting such as cheerleaders, majorettes, band members, sports team groups to re-enact a special game
Memory T-shirts
Scavenger hunt
Group photos
Party favors
Special alcoholic beverage or Signature Drink
CDs or DVDs of the event
Special food just for the event
Tour of the old school

There are lots of other ideas for having a special event. Consider hiring an event planner if you have the funds. Remember that Woodrow Hall can assist you in your plans and can provide an atmosphere that will make this event the talk for years to come!

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