Anniversary Party Planning: Birmingham Venue Suggestions

What a time! You are celebrating decades of time together. An Anniversary Party demands a great venue, plenty of food and alcohol, and a great plan!

Here are the steps

Choose a date
Set a budget
Search high and low for the perfect venue
Create the guest list
Find a good DJ or band
Choose the food and drink
Purchase invitations
Decide on decorations
Set up the agenda
Determine those who should offer a toast
Find some great stories concerning the honored guests
Finalize the contracts
Set up an action plan with dates for each stage
Have fun!

Woodrow Hall has become a favorite place to hold all sorts of parties, including Anniversaries. With one banquet hall that can seat about 100 and a second that can hold up to 350 people, it has a place for virtually every party size. In addition to its historic charm, it boasts of all of the added touches that a discriminating party planner would love to have. These include: LCD projectors, plasma screen TVs, great dance floors and lots of space!

Choose Woodrow Hall for your next Anniversary Party! Call 205-243-4243 to schedule your visit and party!

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