Birmingham Venue Lists Details That Make Or Break An Alumni Event

As you start your ALumni Event planning, The managers of Woodrow Hall would like you to remember some of these often forgotten issues!

Entertainment needs to be planned for early. The most sought after bands book up early. DJs do not typically need as long of a lead time, but remember to give them plenty of information about your event and assist them in planning.

Catering: Ask your venue for advice on catering. There are numerous mistakes that can cause problems but the biggest: Caterers are often understaffed at events. Make sure you insist on one attendant for every 25 people for a sit down event and one for every 40-50 for a buffet.

Alcohol is an expensive option to offer. You may wish to offer a sangria or a signature drink for free along with a cash bar for those who choose to have other types of alcohol. Close the bar about an hour prior to the end of the event to allow the people to drive home safely.

Décor: Less is better. Keep centerpieces low so people can see each other. Candles are often not allowed or must be used in special containers at many venues. Ask before you purchase these! Often the event can provide centerpieces for a much lower cost than rental companies.

Equipment for your event is typically simple. A projector, a plasma screen TV, speakers and microphones… you get it. But remember if you are using an Apple product you may need to bring an adapter for the projector. Also, it never hurts to have a backup computer and USB drive with your material on it.

Signage can be expensive. And if you do not plan well prior to the event, it will cost a LOT more. Plan ahead. Also, some events have black boards that are portable. Ask… it is a very inexpensive alternative to a printed yard (type) sign!

Nametags should be made before hand but have the necessary material available for making extra ones on site. Make sure you have a printer and computer and ask about extension cords and a power source.

Plan for parking. Walking a mile in the rain will not enamor you to your guests! Make sure the venue has sufficient nearby parking… or hire a valet service! Also make sure you hire a security person to walk the parking lot. Women will appreciate it and it will ensure an uneventful evening!

Make sure you bring your checkbook or credit card. Most events will want most of their money up front, but it is almost inevitable that you will have some last minute charges. It is easier to obtain a discount if you pay at the end of the evening… ask!

Make sure you publicly honor your volunteers. They have taken a lot of their time to assist and a few words of thanks, a bouquet for the women or a small gift for the guys will go a long way toward keeping them involved in the future.

Set up a Face Book page or a website. Have a photographer take plenty of photos and post them quickly. Ask the venue if they know a local photographer who can do this for a good price. Offering your alumni an opportunity to view photos after the party will keep them involved next year!

Woodrow Hall would love to host your next alumni event. WIth over 10,000 sq feet of space divided into several venues, we can serve both small (50-100 people) and large events (up t0 350 people). We offer VERY affordable rates and have a historic, restored venue with plenty of charm, lots of added features, a highly trained staff and a friendly atmosphere.

Call 205-243-4243 for any questions or to set up a visit! You will not be disappointed!

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