Budgeting for a New Years Eve Party: Tips From a Birmingham Venue

Woodrow Hall has two Banquet Halls for New Years Eve Parties! We can hold up to 350 people! With a stage, LCD projector and Plasma TV, we are ready to Bring In The New Year!

There are several costs associated with a party of any sort, including a New Years Party. They include:

Rental of a venue (about 35-40% of your entire bill)
Food (about 20% of the total)
Drink including alcohol (about 20-25% of the total)
Entertainment (about 15% of the total)
Security and Parking
Clean Up

The most expensive of these are the rental and the drink costs. You can minimize this by having a cash bar or signature drink.

Most of these costs are directly related to the actual number of people. But larger groups are more fun!

Woodrow Hall can custom make a party for virtually any budget so talk to us! For an affordable New Years Party, call Woodrow Hall. We now have two separate ball rooms available. One can hold up to 350 people, the second up to about 100. So large or medium, we can serve your needs!

Call 205-243-4243 now to reserve a banquet hall for your New Years Celebration!

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