Five Cost Saving Rules for Your Wedding From a Birmingham Alabama Venue Owner

It seems like the current economic slow-down is lasting forever… and you want to get married! So how do you make your wedding seem elegant but at the same time affordable! Here are 5 ideas from a venue owner.

Smaller is Better
Almost every cost increases proportionately with the guest list. The number of people influences the size of the venue, the number of tables and chairs (think linen costs, centerpieces, plate and flatware rental, food etc.) Our restored Magnolia Room offers room for 100 with only limited number of linens needed as we planned for a low cost venue. Linens are optional on the hand made tables. Our chairs are Chiavari chairs… no linen needed! We can host your wedding for less than $1000!

Control the Alcohol Costs
A signature drink in the color of your wedding theme along with beer and wine is a LOT less expensive than an open bar which can cost upwards of $25 per adult guest! A signature drink looks like it was a planned part of the decorative elements of the wedding and does not look like it is a cost saving measure. Also limit the time of the bar to the pre-reception time and during the actual reception. Limiting the bar during the late part of the reception also allows guests to go home with less alcohol on board!

Hors D’oeuvres Galore!
Think about Hors D’oeuvres as a part of the entire meal. They look very high end, but they also decrease the cost of the main meal as the main meal can be a bit more simple…just a starch, vegetable and meat or other protein. Remember the serving table can look elegant with simple touches such as a special serving tray, large blocks of wood to elevate the dishes, flowers, glass holders and lots of color!

Think Off-Peak Days and Times
If you choose an early wedding, often time the banquet hall will give you a big break on the cost. If you finish by 3 or 4 o’clock, they can have a late reception, the most popular time, that pays for the rent. Also, a Friday or Sunday can save about one half on the rental fee!

Keep Your Decorations Simple!
Lots of flowers cost LOTS of money! Also, think of the most common flowers for that time of year. Exotic flowers can cost a fortune as they need to be flown in from other countries! Also, more common colored flowers are much less expensive than a special color of turquoise! Also, pick a venue that has natural beauty, it takes less to decorate it.

Don’t spend a lot of money on things that people do not care about like favors and valet parking. Use it for lighting and the music and have a really exclusive wedding that is a lot of fun but not expensive!

Woodrow Hall has a lot more ideas on how to save your valuable money! Call us (205-243-4243) for a free estimate on using our Large banquet hall or the latest entry, The Magnolia Room, an exceptionally inexpensive high end intimate historic ballroom!

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