Wedding Reception Venue Offers Money Saving Tips for Birmingham Weddings

Brides hosting their wedding at Woodrow Hall are constantly looking for an opportunity to preserve precious funds in their wedding planning. And for good reason! Every dollar saved on their wedding costs is a dollar they can spend on their upcoming marriage! They can use the money for their honeymoon, housing, furnishing or whatever.

But what are the acceptable ways to cut costs and still have a wonderful wedding day?

One way is to decrease the money spent on the alcohol. Alcohol is, of course, associated in many people’s minds with any celebration or party. But, it also adds a lot of cost and at times some socially unpleasant effects. So, controlling the amount of alcohol at a wedding is not a bad thing. You are not looking to reproduce a drunken college party, you are trying to host a wonderful wedding reception experience!

Remember that much of the total cost of alcohol is the tax associated with it. About 20% of your total bill goes to the state and local governments! So venues, be it a restaurant or bar or wedding venue needs to charge more than you would pay at a container store!

There are huge differences in the price of regular drinks and premium drinks… but they all have the same alcohol content!

With these things in mind, how can you provide alcohol, keep people from becoming too “happy” and still save money?

Here are some money saving ideas:

First, provide other liquids such as ice tea, soft drinks and water to provide thirst relief
Second, consider having a Signature Drink that matches your wedding reception colors and has a touch of alcohol
Consider one special drink such as a Sangria or Margarita
Serve just wine and/or beer
Offer free wine, beer and Signature drinks and a cash bar
Offer a token for a free drink to every adult then a cash bar
Have just a champagne toast
Have a “spiked punch”
Create a special “infusion” drink with special herbs, fruits and spices. The internet has numerous ideas on this.
Consider a wine spritzer; basically a house wine with Sprite.

At Woodrow Hall, we have seen virtually all of these and more offered by brides and grooms to keep the budget controlled as well as to keep people “under the limit”.

We can work with any budget and would love to assist you in panning the wedding of your choice with the alcohol package that meets your needs. Call 205-243-4243 for more information or to schedule a visit!

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