Birmingham Wedding Venue’s Guide to a Perfect Wedding: Thank You Notes

It takes thousands of hours to put on a big wedding. And many of those thousands of hours are donated by friends, relatives and even acquaintances. Of course, the wedding party helps a lot; bride’s maids, maid of honor, best man and groom’s men, but you also will have dozens of people offering to help.

Your friends and relatives will bake cookies and other desserts, help with flower arrangements and centerpieces, make favors, deliver items to the hotels for out-of-town guests, host friends and relatives at their homes, hold bride-maid luncheons, help with seating charts and address wedding invitations, help deliver decorations, decorate the venue, clean up after the reception, help your parents take home the presents, loan you a “cool” car, help with expenses, give you gifts…. The list goes on and on.

It is not enough to just tell them “Thank You”. Every single person who gives you a gift or helps in any way deserves a hand written thank-you soon after the wedding is over.

The Magnolia Room at Woodrow Hall: Perfect for up to about 100 guests!

The actual “thank you” card can be engraved, custom designed, a DIY card or even a store purchased “generic” card, but the note must be hand-written!

So start early. And get ready to take quality time to write a heart-felt thank you for everyone who has earned one. Also, every gift or service, even if you receive two from the same person deserves its own thank you. So, you will need a LOT of thank you cards!

The custom is to write thank you notes as gifts arrive if they come prior to the wedding. Gifts that arrive the day of the wedding should have a thank you note sent within two weeks of returning from the honey-moon. Thank you notes for shower gifts should be sent within 10 days of the shower.

Make sure you include your new address in each note as this may be the only time your friends and relatives will receive your new address!

And a quick word of advice:
Start the note with “Thank you”. It is not appropriate to start it with “I”.

Woodrow Hall would love to send you a written thank-you after you hold your reception and perhaps even your wedding ceremony at our historic, restored, century old banquet hall. With exposed brick walls, high ceilings, large wooden beams and plenty of ambiance, your guests will thank you for inviting them to Woodrow Hall to celebrate your wedding!

Call us (205-243-4243)to set up a time of just chat about your wedding!

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