Guide to the Perfect Birmingham Wedding: Ten Catering Tips from Woodrow Hall Wedding Venue

Food for your reception can vary from simple finger food to a full sit down dinner with numerous courses. The combinations and types of food are virtually endless, but one common denominator is that all but a few courageous brides contract with a caterer. Woodrow Hall has a policy to allow choice, so we allow you to choose a caterer. But we do have some advise on how to choose that vendor.

First, choose a vendor who has experience with weddings. We saw one couple choose a street vendor with a rolling kitchen who sold food at fairs and other outside events… with less than successful results. We have also seen friends, family members and other non-professional people attempt to cater a wedding. Many of these resulted in a disappointed bride and groom as well as guests who were left shaking their heads.

So, we have created a list of ten tips!

1.) Choose a professional

2.) Make sure they are licensed

3.) Ask for references and check them out!

4.) Taste their food

5.) Be honest about your budget

6.) Ask if you can provide some of the food items, especially if you have an aunt who makes killer desserts!

7.) Read and understand the contract

8.) Insist that the caterer coordinate the entire event with the wedding planner, baker, venue and DJ to make sure the day runs smoothly.

9.) Make sure the contract spells out how many servers the caterer will bring. Rule of thumb 1 per 50 guests for buffet, 1 per 25 guests for served dinner.

10.) Hold back 5-10% of the total payment until the venue gives you the all clear sign. Caterers have been known to leave a big mess for the venue and you will face increased clean up charges if this happens.

Woodrow Hall invites you to choose from any caterer on our list of preferred caterers or bring your own. But remember we will have them sign an agreement that covers their responsibilities and will require him or her to be licensed and insured and clean up afterward.

Call Woodrow Hall for a visit or to talk about your upcoming wedding!

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