A Birmingham Venue’s Guide to the Perfect Wedding: Hottest 2012 Bridal Trends: Part 1

As 2011 comes to a close, we recognize that a LOT of women are going to be offered a ring! And they will then start to plan a 2012 wedding. Planning a wedding is an enormous task. Of course there are three big things to do first: Pick a dress, find a venue and choose where to have the actual wedding ceremony.

Trend Number 1: Have the Wedding and Reception in the Same Facility.
For many, the answer to the last two will be the same as one of the biggest trends is to have the wedding and reception at the same facility. Woodrow Hall offers these services. With two separate ballrooms and a very large foyer we can arrange for the wedding and reception in separate rooms or have them in the same room with a short intermission.

Trend Number 2: Royal Wedding Influence
Kate Middleton’s wedding this year will certainly influence upcoming weddings. From the hats to the white bridesmaid dress, this royal wedding is becoming a model for brides in 2012. The vintage setting of the ancient building set the stage for this wedding.

Trend Number 3: Specialty Stations
Dessert bars have been a building trend for several years. This year will bring new twists to this great idea. Look for candy bars, cookie and milk stations, mashed potato bars, photo booths and meat stations to become a great way to reflect your and your fiancé’s personality!

Trend Number 4: Black Tie and More!
Fancier decorations, formal attire and glamorous lighting are in for 2012. And the black tie does not necessarily mean a black tie! Several highly publicized celebrity weddings have demonstrated that a white tie can look very, very nice on your husband to be!

Trend Number 5: The WOW FACTOR!
Brides have been understating with the “casual” wedding trends of the past several years. This year expect to see more bling, surprises’, more personalization and more glitter. Woodrow Hall can help by offering several styles of plates, great accent lighting and two separate wedding banquet halls!

Woodrow Hall continues to surprise couples looking for a vintage setting with an upscale look. It produces the “unexpected” in NE Birmingham with its large ballroom, huge ceiling beams, great dance floor and amazing lighting! And, Woodrow Hall comes with a price that is affordable even if you are not destined to become the king and queen!

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