Birthday Party At Woodrow Hall: Photos and Ideas

At Woodrow Hall, our Magnolia Room is often used for Birthday Parties. Here are a few photos of one that was held for Will and Logan, Twin Boys who LOVE Trucks and Diggies!

We can provide the refreshments or you can bring your own!

Plenty of Space for Both Kids and Adults!

Digging is Great Fun!

Nothing like pebbles and trucks to make a day FUN!

Nothing is More Fun Than a Cupcake!

Woodrow Hall Birthday Party: Construction makes me hungry!

It is hard to imagine something more fun than a birthday party for a three year old… except for a birthday party for TWO three year olds… TWINS! And what type of birthday party would a couple of three year old twin boys want… why of course a construction birthday party with digging machines, hammers, ladders and plenty of sweets!

And that is exactly what these two youngsters had just a few weeks ago. We put down canvas and added plenty of bags of pebbles, hammers and “nails” with foam blocks to pound the nails (actually golf tees) into. Add a bunch of kids and even the parents got into the act!

Woodrow Hall has a special banquet hall that is small enough to be affordable for theme birthday parties for even the youngest among us. And large enough for trucks and “diggees”! Here some photos of all of the fun!

Call Woodrow Hall at 205-243-4243 for scheduling and a free estimate!

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