Guide to the Perfect Wedding Shower: Birmingham Venue Offers Suggestions

An old custom is for brides to have a dowry in order to marry. If they had no dowery, they could not marry. Legend has it that the bridal shower is a way for brides who have no dowry to have friends and relatives “shower” upon her the needed household items to marry.

Although a dowry is no longer a custom let alone a necessity to enable marriage, showers are certainly a fun event for both the bride and guests! It is typical for the bridal party to host the shower but others such as family, friends and coworkers to also commonly sponsor a shower.

Most are somewhat smaller events than the wedding and are held in smaller event venues or a large home. Only women used to attend but some are holding couples showers so the guys can get involved. If only women attend, the fiancé can also attend at least for the introductions.

It is customary for the bride to be surprised about the shower although as with many of the other wedding customs, this custom also is not carved in stone and now-a-days many brides are actively involved in planning the shower!

Generally showers are rather informal with invitations being anything from a phone call to an “e-invite” to a mailing but with all of the new programs great custom invitations are very affordable.

Refreshments are a must, but it is not necessary to have a full meal. Common foods include fresh fruit, baked goods, salads, pizza, or just desserts. Many brides have a shower cake reflects one of their interests.

Often time womanly games (not of the risqué type!) are played. Numerous websites have lots of ideas with all of the instructions and even printable helpful pieces for this aspect of the party. Many sponsors pick a theme that helps set the tone for the shower. Examples include: “around the clock” theme, linen theme, kitchen theme, lingerie or even a recreation theme.

Just for your information, Woodrow Hall has two smaller rooms that are wonderful for showers! At about 1700 square feet, The Magnolia Room, is our smaller banquet hall and can seat up to about 100 people. We also have a room we call The Azalea Room which is about 600 square feet and can easily hold 30 or so people.

Both of these rooms can be set up with handcrafted tables, Chiavari chairs and food tables. These rooms are also used for rehearsal dinners, grooms dinners and even bachelor and bachelorette parties!

Please call us at 205-243-4243 or email us at If you wish, you can also schedule a time to visit on our website scheduling tool:

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