Guide to the Perfect Birmingham Wedding: Ideas from a Birmingham Wedding Venue on Duties of the Wedding Party

You have chosen your wedding party. What is their role? Tradition plays a large part in the activities and responsibilities for each member of the wedding party. Historically, the groom’s men were responsible for ensuring the safe arrival of the bride to the wedding. In days of yore, they were basically bodyguards! Now a’days, the most dangerous part of the wedding day is the drive through traffic!

The maid or matron of honor assists with shopping for all of the wedding vendors, dress, decorations, and even addressing the envelopes. She takes charge of the bridal shower…with lots of help of course! She helps the bride dress for the ceremony, assists with the veil and train, holds the groom’s ring, holds the flowers as the bride and groom are going through their vows, signs the wedding certificate as a witness, helps the bride with her departure after the reception and of course: any other duties as assigned!

The best man organizes the grooms dinner, helps find a place for the formal wear, holds the bride’s ring prior to the ceremony, drives the groom to the wedding, (remains sober the night of the bachelor party!) gives payment to the officiant and other vendors as appropriate and returns the groom’s attire after the wedding (if rented).

The groom’s men are there to assist the best man in all of these duties as well as to light the candles, assist with set-up, meet and usher the guests, roll out the aisle runner, decorate the newlywed’s car, and oversee the transfer of gifts to a secure location after the celebration.

The bridesmaids assist with the bridal shower, keep the gift record, assist with pre-wedding planning, help with the bachelorette party, hand out bird seed, bubbles or other celebratory aids after the wedding and generally look after things.

It is customary for each of the bridal party to pay for his or her own wedding attire and to provide for a gift.

Obviously one of the biggest duties of both the men and women in the party is to help the celebration be a memorable, and joyous event! Some ways to do this are: learning a special dance, keeping the “loose ends” tied up during the day and in general taking the burden of the day away from the bride and groom so they can enjoy the day!

Keep organized! One way to do this is to ensure all telephone numbers and email addresses are preloaded in phones and smart-phones, keeping in constant communication and ensuring safe travels are key!

Woodrow Hall is delighted to be of great assistance in these activities. With our highly experienced staff, we can help make sure your wedding is stress-free and memorable!

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