Guide to the Perfect Wedding: Birmingham Wedding Venue Discusses Wedding Consultants

Although not absolutely necessary, engaging a wedding consultant or wedding planner makes planning a wedding much more simple. Most likely you have not planned a wedding before. You may not have even been in a wedding before your own! Where to you start? How do you make all of the decisions? What are the best deals, highest quality, and preferred vendors? How do you even judge between the many offerings you will need to choose?

Without experience, many of these decisions become quite cumbersome! Finding a trusted consultant can make your decisions easier. If you have plenty of time, you can certainly do all of the planning yourself, but if you are pressed for time because of a job, needing to hold your wedding in a far away city, or just plain busy, a consultant can save you a lot of time!

There are basically two types of consultants: independent and venue affiliated. Independent consultants are much more expensive and offer their services regardless of where you choose to hold your wedding. Venue consultants are attached to a specific church or wedding venue. They are expert at helping you plan your wedding at their “shop” so to speak.

Both types of consultants help with the planning. The Venue Affiliated consultant is typically very inexpensive as much of her time is considered part of the overall venue cost. The independent consultant can cost as much as 10-20% of the total cost of the wedding, depending upon how much time you allot to her work.

Some questions to ask a consultant are:
How long have you been a consultant?
Can she provide references?
Does the consultant have any other weddings on the same date as your wedding?
What is the cost?
What does this price include?

Woodrow Hall encourages you to ask for help in planning your wedding. If your budget allows, an independent consultant can be a wonderful addition to your wedding planning team. If you choose, we can serve in that role. Ask about this when you visit. Our staff is highly experienced in helping brides plan their wedding. We can assist with the choice of other vendors and stand ready to ensure your wedding is one that will be your dream come true!

To talk to our wedding consultants, please call 205-243-4243 or set up an appointment on our website at:

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