Guide to a Perfect Wedding: Choosing a Wedding Date, Thoughts from a Birmingham Wedding Venue

You’ve said YES! You have started to tell friends and relatives and the first question they ask is: “When is the Wedding?”

Obviously, this is your first big decision. The date or at least the season determines a lot of other items such as what type of dress, the flowers, ability for loved ones to attend… you get the picture.

There are numerous items to consider when choosing a date. First, do either of you need to complete college, finish a military commitment, pay off large loans, get a job? Do you have a dream of a specific season, such as a fall wedding, spring wedding, beach wedding? Are there conflicts that could interfere with a wedding such as a parent’s dream anniversary trip, a pregnancy, a graduation? It would be rather difficult for your parents to choose to attend your wedding or your younger brother’s graduation from college!

Money also comes into play. June and August are the most popular months and the competition for florists, caterers, venues and even bands is intense. Expect to spend more during peak seasons just like a beach front hotel is more expensive during the summer than winter.

How much time do you need to plan a wedding? This will also help you determine the date. Most weddings are planned months and months ahead of time. In fact, at Woodrow Hall, we are booking weddings up to 18 months into the future. But, a more common (and still comfortable) lead time is about 10-12 months.

If you wish to plan a wedding in a much shorter time period, you can do it. Just be prepared for a lot of decisions… really quickly! And remember, the larger the wedding celebration, the longer it takes to plan. So… if you are planning a more modest size, you can actually proceed rather quickly… as short as say, 3 or 4 months. Woodrow Hall has helped brides plan weddings with this amount of time and even less. Just ask!

One thought to consider, once you choose your wedding date, act quickly to contract for a venue. High quality, high service and highly desirable venues rapidly “book up” for the most popular dates. Act quickly and decisively. Woodrow Hall would love to host your wedding, and we have two separate banquet halls, but we can only hold a limited number of weddings each month. One alternative is to plan for a Friday or Sunday wedding. These days are in less demand and are thus significantly less expensive.

Because of our historic charm, the flexibility of our management and the service we offer, Woodrow Hall has become one of the more desirable venues in Birmingham. We can help you choose your wedding date and play your wedding. Stop by and talk to us…imagine walking down the isle to meet your future husband in our historic venue!

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