Guide to a Perfect Birmingham Wedding: You Picked the Venue, Now…Planning Your Reception

Guide to a Perfect Birmingham Wedding: Planning Your Reception

After the difficult task of picking your reception venue, the next steps are rather mundane!

The steps you need to plan for are:

What time of day?
How long?
How many people?
Decorations: flowers, candles, fabric, lighting?
Food: menu, sit down, buffet, light, heavy?
Alcohol: to have or have not!
Open bar or cash bar or combination?
Arrangement of tables?
Types and colors of linens?
Seating charts: keeping people happy!
Dance songs?
DJ or Band?
Schedule of events during the reception?
Photos you wish to have at the reception?
Private times before or after the ceremony?
Final dance song?
How do you wish to exit: carried out, bubbles, sparklers, bird seed, rice, limo?

Obviously there are a thousand details to work out, but the above list can act as a general guide to planning your perfect wedding reception!

Remember we have two different banquet halls available for your wedding. One can seat about 200 and the other about 100. Both have a wonderful ambiance and great vintage touches… as well as modern amenities such as special lighting, sound system and plenty of space.

Our experienced staff can help. We have hosted a LOT of weddings! We also have a venue that lends itself to a variety of looks, and themes. Contact us today… click on the “Contact” tab for names, telephone numbers and even an easy way to schedule an appointment!

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