Guide to the Perfect Wedding: A Dozen Questions to Ask Prior to Booking Birmingham Wedding Venue

Lets face it, a wedding is really not a wedding without a celebration!

Of course, the religious aspects of an intimate ceremony where you are gathered before man and God is an important aspect to the sacredness of marriage, but, the celebration is where you can truly have a fun time with your loved ones and family. The celebration is probably the most single difficult items of the wedding to plan.

The wedding reception is not just a party, it is a very festive event where you not only have good food and company but flowers, special lighting, music, cakes, dancing and photographer(s). There are a lot of specific items and expenses to plan for. The biggest single item is choosing the venue or banquet hall. Venues book up months to more than a year in advance so promptly searching for one and deciding is very important.

Key questions to ask prior to booking a wedding venue include:

How many people can the banquet hall comfortably seat?

Is there a dance floor and a place for the band or DJ to perform?

Does it come with tables and chairs or do you need to rent them separately?

How much does it cost for the number of hours you will need it?

Is parking available? Is it free or is there a charge?

Is there an in house caterer? Can you use an outside caterer?

Can you bring in your own alcohol of do you need to purchase it from them? (Note, If the facility has a liquor license, the state of Alabama requires you to purchase the alcohol from the facility.)

Is there a coat check available?

What are the deposit requirements?

Is there a private room for the bride and groom?

Does the facility have the ability to host the wedding ceremony and the reception?

There are obviously many different types of facilities for your reception from outside pavilions to hotel banquet halls. One of the most popular is a vintage banquet hall in a historic building. Woodrow Hall offers just that.

Our century old restored banquet hall has a hundred years of charm with the added touches expected in a modern facility. From exposed brick walls to high ceilings to large wooden beams, to wonderful lighting, you can be assured that your guests will be impressed not only with the setting but also with the service!

To visit historic Woodrow Hall, call us at 205-243-4243 or email us at

If you wish, you can also schedule a time to visit on our website scheduling tool:

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