Guide to the Perfect Birmingham Wedding: Invitations to the Wedding and Reception

The Invitation is the First Impression of Your Wedding!

With so much to do to plan your wedding, invitations can seem like a stressful chore instead of a fun time designing the first look of your wedding. With this helpful guide you are on your way to getting invitations that will please the etiquette queens in your life and “wow” your family and friends. So first things first…..

The time and place of your wedding will determine when you need to send out your Save the Dates and Invitations. Use the simple guide below to start your timeline.

Start invitation planning immediately. Before you begin, you’ll need to know:
1. The number of invitations you need. Couples and families receive only one, but if an adult child (think 18 and older) still lives at home, you may wish to send him or her an individual invite.
2. The date, time, and location of the ceremony and reception.
3. Who is hosting, and how they would like their names to appear. (This is typically the parents of the bride, but in today’s environment, often other relatives or the parents of the groom are co-hosting)
4. Where the RSVPs should be sent- – -that’s you if you’re organizing and managing the guest list. Also the date needed for the RSVP. Ask your caterer the date you need to get them a final count and give yourself some time to contact people who have not sent back their RSVP. (Expect to have the RSVPs about a month prior to the wedding.)
5. Your wedding theme or color palette. If you’d like the “Save the Date” notices to match, this needs to be selected even earlier.
6. Whether you’ll be providing a map or directions card. If so, have the information handy.
7. Your Budget


Save the Date Noices- 6 months in advance for a stateside wedding and up to 12 months in advance for a destination wedding.

Invitations- 8 weeks before the wedding for stateside and 10-12 weeks in advance for a destination wedding.

Order- Invitations can take 2-6 weeks to design, print, and put together. Begin planning your invitations 4-6 months before you wedding.

Each bride has a unique invitation budget with which their stationery’s desired look and feel will be achieved. We like people to know that you don’t have to sacrifice great design and settle for a generic design from online or box invitations. Please see a Woodrow Hall representative on pricing options for your invitations and Save the Date notices.


There are certain things you are going to need to complete your wedding invitations.

Give yourself breathing room by ordering extra invitations. These can serve as keepsakes and as reference for your florist, officiant, wedding planner, and anyone else involved. Plus, they’re a safety net in case of damaged mail or addressing errors.

Having a minimum of 10 additional invitations is wise; some experts recommend a backup of 25% of the total.

When ordering your wedding invitations, keep in mind that custom design will add on another three to four weeks. Think about addressing your invitations and start an excel sheet to get your guest’s addresses ready for a mail merge.


Returned mail and reprints due to misspelled names can cost you time and money.

Once you have a finished invitation, head to the post office and have the invitations weighed!. Never assume it’ll qualify for standard postage. Inserts, decorations, and heavier paper stocks all add to the weight. And, nothing would be worse than having them returned because of the wrong stamps.

And right now….

Take a deep breath. Remember, while thoughtful planning eases stress and saves time, you’ll have a little leeway. For example, while you’re waiting to approve the design of your invitations, you can solidify your guest list and confirm details like directions. Don’t rush through any steps when ordering stationery, because misspelling your future mother-in-law’s name or stating the wrong address for the ceremony will cost you valuable time.

By setting a timeline, you’re already on top of the situation. Congratulations!!

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