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How to pair wines, with your wedding reception’s food menu.

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To ensure a standout wine-paired meal, consider these five tips from Woodrow Hall:
1. When it comes to general wine selection, know that there will always be some guests who are “red wine drinkers” and others who are “white wine drinkers.” It’s important to offer flexible varieties to appease both. A Pinot Noir is fruity, higher in acid, and has softer tannins (the astringent component in wine) than a full-bodied red, making it a versatile option that pairs beautifully with poultry, pasta, veggies, and seafood. A red blend is another crowd-pleaser and can usually convert die-hard white drinkers with its fruit-forward taste.
2. California Sauvignon Blanc is a great choice for a versatile white wine. This style of Sauvignon Blanc can stand up to most food pairings: soft cheeses, salads, seafood, poultry, and pasta. It also has broad appeal covers both ends of the spectrum—the Chardonnay lovers will appreciate the ripe fruit notes and richness, while the red wine crowd will gravitate toward the bright acid and complexity.
3. Surprise, Rosé is the most versatile of all! It has the acidity of white wine and the fruity character of red and pairs with most foods. Hence the reason it’s one of the fastest growing wine categories—more and more wine lovers are discovering the appeal of this approachable yet sophisticated and affordable choice.
4. When pairing wines for a multi-course meal, it’s best to move through a progression, from lighter in body (Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc) to heavier (Chardonnay, Cabernet, red blend), so that you don’t overwhelm guests’ palates.
See More: How to Use Your Registry to Fill Your Own Personal Wine Cellar

5. When making selections, also consider the heaviness of the protein served. Dishes with lean meats should be paired with lighter wines. Alternatively, foods with a high fat content (like meats, cheese, and rich sauces) should be served with highly acidic whites (Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay) or tannic red wines (Cabernet), since fats and tannins are a match made in heaven.
6. And of course, if you’re doing a buffet style meal, why not channel the same serve-yourself approach and offer one versatile white and red that guests can self-pour? Just place a bottle of each on the table and let them do their thing. The interactive touch will be reminiscent of a restaurant experience, making your reception less big-banquet and more unique and memorable


Are signature drinks a must have?

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If you are wanting to do a signature drink make sure it matches you as a couple. Some are to worried about it matching their wedding colors and the drink may not taste so great! Make sure it taste good and is not loaded with dyes. Also make sure that drink can be made virgin too so everyone can try it. Don’t make the signature drink the only drink available (yes I have seen this done). You can just have beer, wine and your signature drink if you are not doing a full open bar or if you are doing a full open bar,  have a few other fun cocktails. Here are plenty to think about:


Birmingham’s Guide to The Perfect Chiavari Chair

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Chiavari Chairs have long been known as the most popular choice of seating for special occasions such as weddings, and upscale events such as the Grammy Awards and even Dancing With The Stars! Chiavari chairs are so elegant and beautiful on its own but if you want to create something different try dressing up the chiavari chairs with satin ribbons, organza sashes or fresh flowers.

Give your room an open feel & highlights the table décor

When your guests walk into a room filled with chiavari chairs, it is a refreshing and dynamic utilization of space. Since chiavari chairs entail a non-enclosure design, your table cloth and décor can be highlighted with a refine balance that you and your guest can appreciate. Regular banquet chairs can cover the table setup and linens can sometime suffocate space and make the setup look cluttered, chiavari chairs simply opens the entire room up.

 Ideal design for limitless creativity

If you’re a bride with an insatiable desire to decorate, chiavari chairs provides a perfect canvas. Decorate till your heart’s content! Add colorful sashes of satin or organza, loop it around vertically or horizontally, double the sashes for contrasting colors, use different color accents either with flowers or even jewelry, truly the skies the limit. Really there are no rules, you are the artist of your own event.


However, Chiavari Chairs are already perfect as they are – bare and beautiful. An ideal ingredient that doesn’t need enhancement or further accentuation. Brides don’t have to spend more on accessories when you’ve already said everything with the ideal wedding chair. With this essential component in place, now you can focus on the table, the dinnerware, and the centerpiece. Chiavari chairs provide the perfect foundation to elevate your décor to a totally new level.

Make this look complete your dream day with us at Woodrow Hall. Woodrow Hall’s Gold Chiavari Chairs beautifully accents the exposed brick, high ceilings, huge wooden beams, and large ballroom adorned with vintage lanterns.  Schedule your tour with us today!! Contact 205.243.4243 or 205.200.6494.  Email us at or

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Woodrow Hall's Magnolia Room

Perfect for up to about 100 guests!



Guide to the Perfect Birmingham Wedding: Invitations to the Wedding and Reception

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The Invitation is the First Impression of Your Wedding!

With so much to do to plan your wedding, invitations can seem like a stressful chore instead of a fun time designing the first look of your wedding. With this helpful guide you are on your way to getting invitations that will please the etiquette queens in your life and “wow” your family and friends. So first things first…..

The time and place of your wedding will determine when you need to send out your Save the Dates and Invitations. Use the simple guide below to start your timeline.

Start invitation planning immediately. Before you begin, you’ll need to know:
1. The number of invitations you need. Couples and families receive only one, but if an adult child (think 18 and older) still lives at home, you may wish to send him or her an individual invite.
2. The date, time, and location of the ceremony and reception.
3. Who is hosting, and how they would like their names to appear. (This is typically the parents of the bride, but in today’s environment, often other relatives or the parents of the groom are co-hosting)
4. Where the RSVPs should be sent- – -that’s you if you’re organizing and managing the guest list. Also the date needed for the RSVP. Ask your caterer the date you need to get them a final count and give yourself some time to contact people who have not sent back their RSVP. (Expect to have the RSVPs about a month prior to the wedding.)
5. Your wedding theme or color palette. If you’d like the “Save the Date” notices to match, this needs to be selected even earlier.
6. Whether you’ll be providing a map or directions card. If so, have the information handy.
7. Your Budget


Save the Date Noices- 6 months in advance for a stateside wedding and up to 12 months in advance for a destination wedding.

Invitations- 8 weeks before the wedding for stateside and 10-12 weeks in advance for a destination wedding.

Order- Invitations can take 2-6 weeks to design, print, and put together. Begin planning your invitations 4-6 months before you wedding.

Each bride has a unique invitation budget with which their stationery’s desired look and feel will be achieved. We like people to know that you don’t have to sacrifice great design and settle for a generic design from online or box invitations. Please see a Woodrow Hall representative on pricing options for your invitations and Save the Date notices.


There are certain things you are going to need to complete your wedding invitations.

Give yourself breathing room by ordering extra invitations. These can serve as keepsakes and as reference for your florist, officiant, wedding planner, and anyone else involved. Plus, they’re a safety net in case of damaged mail or addressing errors.

Having a minimum of 10 additional invitations is wise; some experts recommend a backup of 25% of the total.

When ordering your wedding invitations, keep in mind that custom design will add on another three to four weeks. Think about addressing your invitations and start an excel sheet to get your guest’s addresses ready for a mail merge.


Returned mail and reprints due to misspelled names can cost you time and money.

Once you have a finished invitation, head to the post office and have the invitations weighed!. Never assume it’ll qualify for standard postage. Inserts, decorations, and heavier paper stocks all add to the weight. And, nothing would be worse than having them returned because of the wrong stamps.

And right now….

Take a deep breath. Remember, while thoughtful planning eases stress and saves time, you’ll have a little leeway. For example, while you’re waiting to approve the design of your invitations, you can solidify your guest list and confirm details like directions. Don’t rush through any steps when ordering stationery, because misspelling your future mother-in-law’s name or stating the wrong address for the ceremony will cost you valuable time.

By setting a timeline, you’re already on top of the situation. Congratulations!!

Fathia Lutfi: call or text (205) 200-6494
Tazmine call or text 205-243-4243 (

You can also schedule a time to visit by visiting our scheduling tool on our website:


Guide to the Perfect Birmingham Wedding: Etiquette: I DO, I DON’T at the Church and the Venue

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Some wedding traditions and “rules” can be modified or at times even ignored, but there are certain guidelines that every bride and groom should follow.

Because your wedding will be one of the most meaningful, memorable, and elegant days of your life, your behavior and demeanor need to reflect this. By no means are we saying that your wedding should be stuffy or lack personality. It’s simply important that you come across to your guests as appropriate, sincere, and genuinely thankful that they are there to celebrate with you.

Trust us, being a graceful bride will keep you from having any regrets five, ten, or fifty years from now. It will also keep your guests filled with memories of you as nothing less than charming, beautiful, and blushing.

Remember this party isn’t only about you; it’s about the bride and groom, the parents of both…and, of course, your guests!

Follow these tips to ensure that you are the picture of elegance and grace at your wedding:

* Walk down the aisle with poise, and hold your bouquet by the stems with flowers titled slightly forward.

* Attend your own cocktail hour! When couple schedule photos during this time, they miss out on sharing those first few moments of newlywed excitement with their family and friends. Also, consider that couples often enter the reception room fifteen minutes after guests have entered, so missing cocktails as well as the start of the reception means a lot of time away from guests. Some brides are having their own photo session prior to the wedding when they are still “made up” and there is no rush. Talk to your photographer!

* Make a point to look into the eyes of your guests when talking to them!

* At the reception, visit each table and greet guests individually. If possible, try to visit with each guest at least twice during the evening. It’s no different than if you were hosting a dinner party at home- you want everyone to feel welcome.

* Always mingle with guest with your new husband at your side! At Woodrow Hall, we have seen many a bride put out an APB to find her new husband!

* Leave before your guests start to leave. If you want to party all night, have a second, later party for your special friends but allow the bulk of your guests to see you off!

Woodrow Hall makes it easy to have a wedding. With two separate banquet halls, we can offer just what you need for you to have a perfect wedding day! We also can host both the wedding and the reception… ask us about how we can do this for you!

To learn more, please contact:

Fathia: call or text (205) 200-6494
Tazmine: call or text 205-243-4243 (

You can also schedule a time to visit by visiting our scheduling tool on our website:


Your Wedding Party: Birmingham Wedding Venue Offers Ideas to Consider

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How do you choose a wedding party? How many people should be in the wedding party? Your wedding party can make or break your wedding. You need to consider a lot of things when you start to plan who to invite into this very intimate group.

As far as how many, this is a very common question that arises early in the wedding planning process. Of course you need a best man and matron or maid of honor, but beyond that, there are no real rules.

Formal weddings tend to have more attendants than informal ones, but again, you can feel free to have as few or as many as you see fit.

Obviously your best friend is your first consideration, but remember that politics also play a role. Many a bride has been “encouraged” to invite the future sister-in-law into the party to avoid hurt feelings. If you have strong feelings about not including someone your future mother-in-law wishes, consider heading her off at the pass by offering another important role for her, such as reading a passage of the bible during the ceremony or singing a special song.

One rule that is important to follow is to make sure you have a male attendant for each female, so each has an escort and a dance partner for the first dances. Feel free to have more male ushers than females if you choose, they can always find a partner for the dancing! One rule of thumb is to have one usher for every 50 guests.

Please consider the cost of being in the wedding party when inviting people. A young married couple who are still in school or who have tight finances can really be stretched by the cost of a gown, special activities and shower expenses. Make sure you openly discuss this when you talk to your choices. And remember that they may be too embarrassed to express their true thoughts.

Your wedding party should have time to get to know each other prior to the wedding. Take time to have a few activities long before the wedding day to allow them to become acquainted. They will be spending a very busy, fun filled, emotional day with you… the day will go much better if they act like a team!

Woodrow Hall has specific rooms arranged specifically for the wedding party. And if you have your wedding ceremony at Woodrow Hall, we can arrange for the bride to have a bridal room separate from the guys. Ask about the Bridal Suite and The Grooms Suite.

You can call 205-243-4243 to discuss your needs or if you wish to set up an appointment, just go to our website:

Good Luck with your plans!


Birthday Party At Woodrow Hall: Photos and Ideas

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At Woodrow Hall, our Magnolia Room is often used for Birthday Parties. Here are a few photos of one that was held for Will and Logan, Twin Boys who LOVE Trucks and Diggies!

We can provide the refreshments or you can bring your own!

Plenty of Space for Both Kids and Adults!

Digging is Great Fun!

Nothing like pebbles and trucks to make a day FUN!

Nothing is More Fun Than a Cupcake!

Woodrow Hall Birthday Party: Construction makes me hungry!

It is hard to imagine something more fun than a birthday party for a three year old… except for a birthday party for TWO three year olds… TWINS! And what type of birthday party would a couple of three year old twin boys want… why of course a construction birthday party with digging machines, hammers, ladders and plenty of sweets!

And that is exactly what these two youngsters had just a few weeks ago. We put down canvas and added plenty of bags of pebbles, hammers and “nails” with foam blocks to pound the nails (actually golf tees) into. Add a bunch of kids and even the parents got into the act!

Woodrow Hall has a special banquet hall that is small enough to be affordable for theme birthday parties for even the youngest among us. And large enough for trucks and “diggees”! Here some photos of all of the fun!

Call Woodrow Hall at 205-243-4243 for scheduling and a free estimate!


A Birmingham Venue’s Guide to the Perfect Wedding: Hottest 2012 Trends: Part 2

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The last blog introduced some of the top wedding trends for 2012… this entry adds 5 more, including wedding dress trends!

Trend Number 6: Bridal Dress; Illusion is IN!
A big trend on the wedding dress runways shows a delicate and sometimes embellished layer of sheer fabric covering the neckline and back, areas that in prior years were VERY exposed! This is a much more romantic and thus enticing approach to the most important fashion element in the wedding.

Trend Number 7: The Blush Dress
Non-white and non-ivory dresses have not been the norm. For a few years now we have been seeing ever the slightest bit of color; be it a hint of silver or blue or even lilac. The latest fashion runways have shown dozens of pink shades now made popular by Reese Witherspoon. Expect to see more of these at the bridal dress stores this coming season! Along with this expect to see more lace sleeves!

Trend Number 8: Smaller More Intimate Weddings
The 1000 guest wedding is becoming a thing of the past this year. Probably due in part to the enormous cost, expect to see more weddings in the 75-200 guest range this year. Woodrow Hall has two banquet halls that fit just this range!

Trend Number 9: DIY is IN!
For a variety of reasons from the economy to access to wonderful computer technology, expect to see more hand-crafted and custom designed accoutrements to weddings in 2012! Don’t plan the entire wedding around a DIY approach, but think of calligraphy for the invitations and custom designed computer printed “vintage” place cards or hand made centerpieces. Woodrow Hall can assist by providing a variety of “glass” centerpieces for you to embellish with flowers, candles or other decorative elements.

Trend Number 10: Variety in Centerpieces
Coordinating a variety of centerpieces is a secondary trend in the DIY theme. Using different sizes of centerpieces, mixing round and square vases, or different materials is a great way to personalize your reception. Unique fillers or similar colored flowers allow you to bring together the variety into a uniform theme.

Woodrow Hall would LOVE to assist you in planning a unique, personalized wedding at an affordable price. Envision yourself surrounded by exposed brick, vintage touches such as hand painted signs, custom accessories and large wooden ceiling beams with elegant lighting… Envision a Woodrow Hall Wedding!

Call 205-243-4243 for an appointment.


A Birmingham Venue’s Guide to the Perfect Wedding: Hottest 2012 Bridal Trends: Part 1

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As 2011 comes to a close, we recognize that a LOT of women are going to be offered a ring! And they will then start to plan a 2012 wedding. Planning a wedding is an enormous task. Of course there are three big things to do first: Pick a dress, find a venue and choose where to have the actual wedding ceremony.

Trend Number 1: Have the Wedding and Reception in the Same Facility.
For many, the answer to the last two will be the same as one of the biggest trends is to have the wedding and reception at the same facility. Woodrow Hall offers these services. With two separate ballrooms and a very large foyer we can arrange for the wedding and reception in separate rooms or have them in the same room with a short intermission.

Trend Number 2: Royal Wedding Influence
Kate Middleton’s wedding this year will certainly influence upcoming weddings. From the hats to the white bridesmaid dress, this royal wedding is becoming a model for brides in 2012. The vintage setting of the ancient building set the stage for this wedding.

Trend Number 3: Specialty Stations
Dessert bars have been a building trend for several years. This year will bring new twists to this great idea. Look for candy bars, cookie and milk stations, mashed potato bars, photo booths and meat stations to become a great way to reflect your and your fiancé’s personality!

Trend Number 4: Black Tie and More!
Fancier decorations, formal attire and glamorous lighting are in for 2012. And the black tie does not necessarily mean a black tie! Several highly publicized celebrity weddings have demonstrated that a white tie can look very, very nice on your husband to be!

Trend Number 5: The WOW FACTOR!
Brides have been understating with the “casual” wedding trends of the past several years. This year expect to see more bling, surprises’, more personalization and more glitter. Woodrow Hall can help by offering several styles of plates, great accent lighting and two separate wedding banquet halls!

Woodrow Hall continues to surprise couples looking for a vintage setting with an upscale look. It produces the “unexpected” in NE Birmingham with its large ballroom, huge ceiling beams, great dance floor and amazing lighting! And, Woodrow Hall comes with a price that is affordable even if you are not destined to become the king and queen!

Call 205-243-4243 for a free estimate and to set up a visit.


Birmingham’s Perfect Wedding Venue’s Guide to Your Wedding: Flowering Ideas!

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Nothing says “Wedding” like flowers! Flowers add a beauty that no other man-made item can match… and they come in an almost infinite number of colors, shapes and sizes allowing each bride to have something that is unique to her wedding!

But they can get pretty pricy! So, how can you have the best of both worlds; a perfect wedding and still stick to a budget? The advice is to choose “in-season” flowers. They are less likely to have been shipped half way around the word and thus are much less expensive… but just as beautiful.

Here are the most common “in-season” flowers by season:

Spring: Anemone, Baby’s Breath, Bachelor’s Button, Bells of Ireland, Boronia, Calla Lilly, Carnations, Casa Blanca, Daffodil, Delphinium, Gardenia, Gladiolus, Heather, Hyacinth, Lilac, Lily of the Valley, Narcissus, Orchid, Peony, Protea, Ranunculus, Rose, Scabiosa, Star Gazer Lily, Sweetpea, Tulip, Waxflower

Summer: Alstromeria, Aster, Baby’s Breath, Bachelor’s Button, Bells of Ireland, Calla Lilly, Carnations, Chrysanthemum, Cockscomb, Columbine, Delphinium, Lavender, Forget-Me-Not, Freesia, Gardenia, Gladiolus, Gerbera Daisy, Hydrangea, Iris, Larkspur, Liatris, Orchid, Protea, Queen Anne’s Lace, Rose, Scabiosa, Snapdragons, Solidaster, Statice, Stephanotis, Sunflower, Tuberose, Yarrow, Zinnia

Fall: Aster, Baby’s Breath, Bachelor’s Button, Cabbage ornamental, Calla Lily, Carnations, Chrysanthemum, Dhlia, Delphinium, Gardenia, Gladiolus, Heather, Lily of the Valley, Orchid, Protea, Rose, Scabiosa, Statice, Zinnia

Winter: Amaryllis, Anemone, Baby’s Breath, Bachelor’s Button, Calla Lily, Camellias, Carnations, Casa Blanca Lily, Cosmos, Daffodil, Delphinium, Dogwood, Forget-Me-Not, Gardenia, Gladiolus, Heather, Holly, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Narcissus, Nurine, Orchid, Poinsettia, Protea, Ranunculus, Rose, Scabiosa, Star Gazer Lily, Star of Bethlehem, Sweetpea, Tulip, Waxflower

Woodrow Hall lends itself to weddings because it is a vintage setting that does not “need” lots of decorations. The natural beauty of the exposed brick walls, shiny century old floors, large wooden beams allow simple decorations to make a big statement.

Call Woodrow Hall (205-243-4243) to schedule a visit!