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Birmingham’s Guide to The Perfect Chiavari Chair

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Chiavari Chairs have long been known as the most popular choice of seating for special occasions such as weddings, and upscale events such as the Grammy Awards and even Dancing With The Stars! Chiavari chairs are so elegant and beautiful on its own but if you want to create something different try dressing up the chiavari chairs with satin ribbons, organza sashes or fresh flowers.

Give your room an open feel & highlights the table décor

When your guests walk into a room filled with chiavari chairs, it is a refreshing and dynamic utilization of space. Since chiavari chairs entail a non-enclosure design, your table cloth and décor can be highlighted with a refine balance that you and your guest can appreciate. Regular banquet chairs can cover the table setup and linens can sometime suffocate space and make the setup look cluttered, chiavari chairs simply opens the entire room up.

 Ideal design for limitless creativity

If you’re a bride with an insatiable desire to decorate, chiavari chairs provides a perfect canvas. Decorate till your heart’s content! Add colorful sashes of satin or organza, loop it around vertically or horizontally, double the sashes for contrasting colors, use different color accents either with flowers or even jewelry, truly the skies the limit. Really there are no rules, you are the artist of your own event.


However, Chiavari Chairs are already perfect as they are – bare and beautiful. An ideal ingredient that doesn’t need enhancement or further accentuation. Brides don’t have to spend more on accessories when you’ve already said everything with the ideal wedding chair. With this essential component in place, now you can focus on the table, the dinnerware, and the centerpiece. Chiavari chairs provide the perfect foundation to elevate your décor to a totally new level.

Make this look complete your dream day with us at Woodrow Hall. Woodrow Hall’s Gold Chiavari Chairs beautifully accents the exposed brick, high ceilings, huge wooden beams, and large ballroom adorned with vintage lanterns.  Schedule your tour with us today!! Contact 205.243.4243 or 205.200.6494.  Email us at or

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Woodrow Hall's Magnolia Room

Perfect for up to about 100 guests!



Birmingham’s Guide to the Perfect Wedding, Event Venue Offers Thoughts on Accessorizing Your Tables: Jewelry For Your Tables

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Your reception tables are much more than just seating areas for your guests. The way you accessorize them will give your overall wedding that extra-special and unique look and feel. To really wow your guests, you’ll need to pay attention to every detail, from linens to the rental chairs.

Think of each of your tables as a blank canvas, but keep in mind that they shouldn’t all be identical in design- that’s boring!! Better yet, think of accessorizing your tables the way you accessorize your bridal attire. The elements described in this blog are comparable to accentuating your face with jewels, accenting your gown with belts and gloves, or adding feathers or sparkles to you hair!

*Tablecloth: Visually these linens comprise a large percentage of your reception room, so they add lots of color to the entire space. Using tablecloths adds another element of design to your wedding-it’s like wallpapering a room in your home. The first thing you should know when choosing your tablecloth linens is to get the right size cloth for your tables. The fabrics need to cover your tables completely; no table legs should be peeking out from the bottom!

To figure out the appropriate size tablecloth, take your table size and simply add 60 inches. For example: If you have a 72-inch round table (which seats from ten to twelve guests), you’ll need a 132-inch tablecloth. And if you have an 8-foot rectangular table (which seats eight to ten guests), the size of your tablecloth should be 108 inches by 156 inches. Something else to consider is the type of tablecloth you’ll need for each table. Here are the three basic types:

*Underlay Cloth: This is the first tablecloth linen that’s place over your tables. It provides the base color for your table décor, and complements the accent colors used for your party.

*Overlay Cloth: Often considered the prettier of the two main tablecloth types, the overlay is the linen that lies above the underlay cloth. It adds texture and emphasizes your wedding’s statement color or colors. Remember that the fabrics you choose can really make or break your wedding look.

If your budget doesn’t allow you to have both an underlay and overlay cloth, find out if the venue has full-length base cloths you can use, and then purchase your own inexpensive overlays to dress them up. Whether you use the venue’s tablecloths, rent them, or buy your own, just be sure they’re long enough to reach the floor.

*Table Runners: These are optional linens that can add an extra punch of color or texture to your tables. Running the full length of each table, these cloths cover only the middle section of each table.

*Napkins: Cloth napkins are as much a part of your wedding décor as your tablecloths and centerpieces. When selecting your napkin color, make sure it matches the shades of you underlay tablecloth (that is, if you’re using both underlay and overlay cloths). It’s also important to know how to fold napkins as well as which treatments are-and aren’t- appropriate, so that you can communicate what you want to your caterer.

The two basic napkin styles are the flat fold (the napkin is simply folded into a rectangular shape) and the napkin ring treatment (pulling fabric through a stylish napkin ring). For napkin etiquette, the first thing you should do when you’re seated at your table is to take your napkin, fold it in half, and set it on your lap. And be a dainty bride: Use the corners of the napkin to dab your mouth during dinner.

*Place Setting: Choosing specific utensils, glassware, and china for your guest is a great way to add personality and style to your wedding. The right place settings will also help tie together the overall theme design of the event.

*Charger Plate: Also known as a show plate, this decorative plate adds color, texture, and elegance to each place setting. It rests beneath the dinner plate and salad plate, and should not be removed from the table until the main entrée’ is cleared.

*Glassware: This consists of the wineglasses, champagne flutes, and water goblets at each table. If glassware rentals are in your budget, it’s nice to have fun with them by experimenting with different glass designs, colors, and accents.

*Flatware: Like all other place setting items, your serving utensils should also match your décor. Choose the metal-silver, gold, or bronze-that works best with your color scheme. You can also play with different handle styles and colors.

*China: This includes your dinner plates, appetizer plates, soup bowls, salad and bread plate, dessert plates, coffee cups and saucers. You can use the same pattern for all of your china-or add interest to your table by mixing and matching styles.

To keep the cost of your place settings down, consider using the venue’s glassware and china, and if they do not have your needed color,renting only charger plates and water goblets to add just enough pizzazz to the table.

*Chairs: Your wedding venue may already have seating options-perhaps plastic or wood folding chairs or upholstered chairs. If you’re lucky, these are in good shape and you might need to add only a bit of embellishment. However, if you choose to upgrade your chairs, then you’ll either need chair rentals or custom chairs-the most expensive option. Woodrow Hall has just added Chiavari Chairs, the standard in high end weddings made popular by Jackie Kennedy decades ago.

To enhance the look of existing chairs, you can use chair covers (a custom fabric that enrobes the entire chair), chair backs (a covering that slips over the entire back of the chair and leave the sear exposed), or chair caps (a fabric that covers only the top of the chair back).

Although it’s possible to over accessorize in fashion, you almost can’t over accessorize the tables-it just costs more to do so. When dressing up your tables, the very minimum you should have is full-length tablecloth and matching place settings, even if you have to opt for simple styles!!!

Please visit our website,, under catering to see the list of services we offer to accessorize your table that will fit within your budget!

Woodrow Hall would love to assist you with your wedding plans!

Call or text 205-243-4243 or 205-200-6494 or contact us by email at or

You can also schedule a time to stop by at Woodrow Hall by visiting our scheduling tool on our website:

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Guide to the Perfect Wedding. Wedding Venue Offers Advice on: Food and Beverage: Eat, Drink, and Be Married

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The “food and beverage” element of your wedding is yet another way you can tell your wedding story. It’s true! You can infuse personality, style, and culture into the cuisine, in other words, really make your wedding a memorable experience for your guests, without a lot of extra work.

Incorporating your favorite foods is a way to personalize your wedding. Perhaps you have a passion for sweets; your reception can feature a fabulous gelato bar that will allow guests to add their own toppings. Your close friends and family will instantly recognize your well-thought-out touch of infused personality.

For the meal, a “family style” serving method maintains the formality of the occasion, but also opens the table up to lively conversation. This is especially true when there’s a fun, cultural element thrown in-whether that’s tasting Jamaican jerk chicken or authentic Italian bruschetta or something else that’s new and different. Food has always been a great ice-breaker. There’s a reason people congregate in the kitchen when you’re entertaining at home! People see family meals as a form of comfort, and that holds true for the food served at your wedding. But remember, serving family style does not equal sloppy. You should insist your caterer uses great dishes and serving pieces.

When it comes to catering your event, presentation matters! People really do “eat” with their eyes first, so each course should be visually exciting. The colors and textures of the food, from the first course to the dessert, should be an extension of your wedding décor. And that goes for drinks too. For cocktail hour, serve a signature cocktail (either passed or at the bar) that matches your wedding colors, and for that special touch, name it after something meaningful to you and your groom (the place where you met, your song, or something similar).

When creating your wedding menu, keep the following tips in mind:

*At the cocktail hour, stick to finger foods (ideally, five hot dishes and five cold dishes) and be creative. The passed hors d’oeuvres are your chance to inject some personality into your menu. Consider shot glasses filled with your favorite soup or miniature gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. Setting up food stations is another great option. Think raw bars, sushi bars, carving stations, stir-fry stations, or pasta stations.

*Never have the first course preset at the reception it’ll spoil the surprise! Have the appetizer course revealed after your guests are seated. It’s always better to keep your guests guessing.

*Remember the thirty minute rule! Each course should be consumed and cleared within half an hour and that goes for family style meals too. A wedding reception is not a dinner party, so the food should be one element of the event, not the focus.

*Don’t balk at buffets. When done right, having buffet stations can add energy to your celebration, because guests will be up and mingling.

*Keep the menu light. You don’t need six courses, stick to the traditional three-course menu (appetizer, entrée, and dessert). Also avoid heavy foods and sauces, which will weigh guests down. It’s a party, you want them up and dancing, and having a fabulous time!

*Experiment with “duets” and “trios” to add a touch of novelty to the meal. Duets and trios give your guests the opportunity to sample different flavors and choices within the same appetizer, entrée, or dessert course. For example, a mac n cheese trip could feature three different preparations of this classic dish and a beef duo could match braised short ribs with petit filet mignon. However, duets and trios shouldn’t be offered with every course. That would be overkill!

*Literally cater to your guests! It’s great if you and your groom are “foodies,” but if the majority of your guests aren’t, then don’t get all fancy on them. You don’t want your guests to feel intimidated by the food, so keep your menu selections simple.

Finally brides, please do not consider cooking your own food or having a potluck wedding. Even if you have a limited budget, you do have other options.

Either ask your caterer to create a simple, less-expensive menu, or consider having a cocktail party reception. Cocktail parties are often more upbeat and celebratory than a dinner reception, so take advantage. Have “passed” food during the first hour, and then open up buffet stations, serving light fare, as the party progresses.

Don’t let the cost of food keep you from having the large wedding you’ve always wanted. It’s better to have a simpler menu and be able to invite all your closet friends and family members than to have a sit-down dinner reception and be forced to limit your guest list. Yes, you need to feed your guests, but having them there is what’s most important.

Woodrow Hall would love to assist you with your wedding plans.

Call or text 205-243-4243 or 205-200-6494 or contact us by email at or

You can also schedule a time to stop by at Woodrow Hall by visiting our scheduling tool on our website:

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Guide to the Perfect Wedding: Birmingham Event Venue Offers a Wedding Fashion Lesson on Wedding Gown Selections

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Of all days to look your best, your wedding day is probably the most important! As you walk down the aisle you want your future husband and your guests to be completely wowed by your bridal beauty. Your groom and your guests should be speechless for all the RIGHT reasons!

Brides should float on air in their gowns and make a dramatic statement. Remember YOU are there to show off! This is YOUR day! Here are some tips to help make your dress shopping a little more pleasurable.


First and foremost: Know your body type!

You want to look amazing, stunning, drop-dead gorgeous, and most important, feel comfortable and confident in your wedding gown. So before hitting the bridal boutiques, determine your body type and remember to shun all dress styles that work against it. Look at the shape and style of a gown first before getting hypnotized by all the sparkles. The guide below will help you find the dress that accentuates your best assets and minimizes any problem areas.

* Apple
Characteristics include: a full face and neck, broad shoulders, a full chest, an undefined waist, a flat backside, shapely legs, and/or a large-framed upper body.

These brides should look for gowns with cinched waists and fitted bodices for a slimming look, especially if tall in height. Empire or raised waists will bring the eye up, and V-necklines will pull attention from broad shoulders. Avoid gowns with lots of volume (puffy tops and ballroom skirts). And choose a veil that falls between your waist and mid-thigh.

* Pear
Characteristics include: a long slender neck, narrow shoulders, a narrow back, a small to medium bust, a defined waist, curvy hips, full legs, and/or a large framed lower body.

Pear-shaped brides look best in A-line or flared gowns with necklines that are scooped, V-necked, or squared. Halter tops, wide-set straps, and loose fitting fabrics such as organza are also flattering. Embellished tops will balance your lower half. Avoid body-hugging styles and full skirts, both of which emphasize curvy hips. And opt for shoes with a thin, rather than a chunky, heel.

* Ruler
Characteristics include: A full neck, a broad back, a regular bust, an undefined waist, an overall balanced figure, and/or shapely arms and legs.

Brides with this body type should look for gowns with dropped or fitted waists to give the appearance of curves. A-line or mermaid cuts are ideal, as are gowns that draw attention to shapely legs. Avoid sheaths, Empire waists or dresses that are too clingy on top.

* Hourglass
Characteristics include: symmetrical shoulders and hips, a full bust, a defined waist, medium to broad hips, and/or shapely legs.

The hourglass body type looks beautiful in many dress styles. Your best picks are gowns that enhance the bust and waist (dropped or basque waists), scooped or V-necked tops, and halter tops to show off sexy shoulders. Avoid short veils and dresses with ruffles at the bust line.

General Advice
When shopping for gowns, keep your entourage small. This is an exciting time, but having too many cooks in the kitchen giving you conflicting opinions can make finding your dream dress overwhelming and stressful. Only bring along your maid of honor or matron of honor, your mom, and maybe one other close friend or relative. Just remember, in the end, you have to truly love and feel 100% comfortable in the dress you choose.

Order your dress early. Many brides don’t realize that it can take from six to eight months before your dress is ready for pickup Remember that time you have to figure in fittings and alterations.

Consider wearing two dresses, one for the ceremony and one for the party afterward. Some brides want to have an elaborate princess ball gown for the ceremony, but also want to let loose and dance up a storm during the reception. This option lets them do both. The best part about having two different looks for your wedding is that you can go all out by changing your jewelry, shoes, makeup, and hairstyle.

As an alternative to wearing two gowns, you can wear a convertible dress that transforms from a full-length wedding gown to a short party dress for the reception.

To learn more about wedding fashion at the Historic Woodrow Hall, please contact Tazmine Stephens,, or Fathia Lutfi, or call 205-243-4243!


Guide to the Perfect Wedding, Birmingham Event Space Manager Offers Insight to Videography: 3,2,1….OR Lights, Camera, Action!!!

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Since most couples hire a photographer to photograph their wedding, many couples think videography isn’t necessary. However, we are huge advocates of capturing your big day on video. It can be a truly wonderful keepsake that can bring you right back to the time and place of one of the most fabulous days of your life.

The sight, the sounds, those facial expressions and spontaneous moments that your photographer might have missed are captured on your wedding video1 Plus, it’s hard for you to process and appreciate all the details from your wedding day because you will be so filled with emotions and the day is so busy. What would be better than listening to your vows once again on an upcoming anniversary? If you can work videography into your budget, we suggest you do it.

If you’re worried about a videographer getting in the way, keep in mind that some companies use small cameras that can record your entire wedding without seeming obtrusive. To get your money’s worth, pay attention to the quality of the vendor’s work. View samples!!! Does their filming and editing style match your personalities? Also, talk to your videographer about special effects such as slow motion, fades, or adding text or still photos. When done well, these editing tricks can take your wedding video up several notches and make it that much more special. Here are some other ways of using video:

*Video Montage: These types of videos are typically played during the reception. A video montage could be s series of fun clips showing the bride running around the city prepping for the big day—shopping for gowns, at the cake tasting, meeting with a mixologist to create a signature cocktail. Or it could be focused on how the bride and groom met and fell in love. Set the montage to music, be creative—and make it personal!!! What not to do: Play a twenty-minute (or seemingly never-ending) slide show of photos that requires your quests to stand the entire time. For everyone’s sake, please keep your montage five minutes long or shorter. If you’re using clips to tell your wedding story, use this timeline as a guide:
0:00-1:00 minute- Bride growing up
1:00-2:00 minutes- Groom growing up
2:00-4:00 minutes- Photos of you both as a couple, leading up to your wedding.

*Instant edit: Some videographers can “instantly” put together a video clip—perhaps three to four minutes long—featuring the most memorable highlights of your wedding day. These short clips can then be copied onto DVDs and packaged on the spot to be given away as party favors or uploaded to Facebook or to your wedding web site. Your guests will be amazed at how quickly they’ll be able to relive and share special moments from your wedding.

*Thank-you gifts: Giving your closet family members and friends a copy of your video after the wedding is another wonderful idea. An alternative is to send everyone your wedding video around your first anniversary, that way, it can serve as a nice reminder of all the fun that was had at your wedding.

Please visit our website under the video/photo tab to see sample videos from our very own videographer. For more information on booking our videographer, please contact a Woodrow Hall representative.

Fathia Lutfi: call or text (205) 200-6494
Tazmine call or text 205-243-4243 (

You can also schedule a time to visit by visiting our scheduling tool on our website:


Guide to the Perfect Birmingham Wedding: Etiquette: I DO, I DON’T at the Church and the Venue

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Some wedding traditions and “rules” can be modified or at times even ignored, but there are certain guidelines that every bride and groom should follow.

Because your wedding will be one of the most meaningful, memorable, and elegant days of your life, your behavior and demeanor need to reflect this. By no means are we saying that your wedding should be stuffy or lack personality. It’s simply important that you come across to your guests as appropriate, sincere, and genuinely thankful that they are there to celebrate with you.

Trust us, being a graceful bride will keep you from having any regrets five, ten, or fifty years from now. It will also keep your guests filled with memories of you as nothing less than charming, beautiful, and blushing.

Remember this party isn’t only about you; it’s about the bride and groom, the parents of both…and, of course, your guests!

Follow these tips to ensure that you are the picture of elegance and grace at your wedding:

* Walk down the aisle with poise, and hold your bouquet by the stems with flowers titled slightly forward.

* Attend your own cocktail hour! When couple schedule photos during this time, they miss out on sharing those first few moments of newlywed excitement with their family and friends. Also, consider that couples often enter the reception room fifteen minutes after guests have entered, so missing cocktails as well as the start of the reception means a lot of time away from guests. Some brides are having their own photo session prior to the wedding when they are still “made up” and there is no rush. Talk to your photographer!

* Make a point to look into the eyes of your guests when talking to them!

* At the reception, visit each table and greet guests individually. If possible, try to visit with each guest at least twice during the evening. It’s no different than if you were hosting a dinner party at home- you want everyone to feel welcome.

* Always mingle with guest with your new husband at your side! At Woodrow Hall, we have seen many a bride put out an APB to find her new husband!

* Leave before your guests start to leave. If you want to party all night, have a second, later party for your special friends but allow the bulk of your guests to see you off!

Woodrow Hall makes it easy to have a wedding. With two separate banquet halls, we can offer just what you need for you to have a perfect wedding day! We also can host both the wedding and the reception… ask us about how we can do this for you!

To learn more, please contact:

Fathia: call or text (205) 200-6494
Tazmine: call or text 205-243-4243 (

You can also schedule a time to visit by visiting our scheduling tool on our website:


Woodrow Hall, A Birmingham Venue, Offers Their Guide to the Perfect Wedding: A Dozen Questions to Answer Prior to Writing Your Wedding Vows

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Many couples are choosing to formalize their marriage commitment with a unique, meaningful and personal set of wedding vows. If you choose to create your own vows, first speak to your priest, minister, rabbi or other officiate. Some have strict rules on what must be said.

The best way to start out is to ask yourselves a series of questions that will allow you both to focus on some of the key elements of personalized vows.

Although answering these questions honestly and transparently with each other may be difficult or stretch you in a few ways (especially the guys!), these are key questions to answer prior to creating the foundation for a strong and enduring marriage.

1.) What is your definition of love and commitment? Of marriage and family. Of trust and “death do you part”?
2.) What are the characteristics of your partner that first created your attraction for one another?
3.) Was there a specific moment or event that occurred where you realized you were “in love” and could reasonably foresee spending your life together as husband and wife?
4.) How did you express it to your fiancé?
5.) What differences do the two of you have?
6.) In what ways do you complement each other and “complete” each other?
7.) How as your fiancé made you a better person?
8.) How has your love grown for each other?
9.) How has your commitment grown and blossomed?
10.) Do you share a special song?
11.) How has religion played a role in leading the two of you toward a path of marriage?
12.) How will you two deal with hardships and disappointments, health problems, financial issues?

Some extras!

What goals have you both set for your marriage?
How do you view intimacy and the possible children you create?
How do you anticipate growing and changing over the coming years… of growing old together?

Once you have listed answers to each of these questions, you will have a good foundation for your vows and in fact for your life together as husband and wife.

Woodrow Hall would love to have you publicly state your vows at our historic venue. As it approaches its one hundredth anniversary, we can only guess at how many loving couples celebrated their wedding within its walls. Please call us at 205-243-4243 or email us at

If you wish, you can also schedule a time to visit on our website scheduling tool:


Guide to the Perfect Wedding: Birmingham Wedding Venue Discusses Wedding Consultants

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Although not absolutely necessary, engaging a wedding consultant or wedding planner makes planning a wedding much more simple. Most likely you have not planned a wedding before. You may not have even been in a wedding before your own! Where to you start? How do you make all of the decisions? What are the best deals, highest quality, and preferred vendors? How do you even judge between the many offerings you will need to choose?

Without experience, many of these decisions become quite cumbersome! Finding a trusted consultant can make your decisions easier. If you have plenty of time, you can certainly do all of the planning yourself, but if you are pressed for time because of a job, needing to hold your wedding in a far away city, or just plain busy, a consultant can save you a lot of time!

There are basically two types of consultants: independent and venue affiliated. Independent consultants are much more expensive and offer their services regardless of where you choose to hold your wedding. Venue consultants are attached to a specific church or wedding venue. They are expert at helping you plan your wedding at their “shop” so to speak.

Both types of consultants help with the planning. The Venue Affiliated consultant is typically very inexpensive as much of her time is considered part of the overall venue cost. The independent consultant can cost as much as 10-20% of the total cost of the wedding, depending upon how much time you allot to her work.

Some questions to ask a consultant are:
How long have you been a consultant?
Can she provide references?
Does the consultant have any other weddings on the same date as your wedding?
What is the cost?
What does this price include?

Woodrow Hall encourages you to ask for help in planning your wedding. If your budget allows, an independent consultant can be a wonderful addition to your wedding planning team. If you choose, we can serve in that role. Ask about this when you visit. Our staff is highly experienced in helping brides plan their wedding. We can assist with the choice of other vendors and stand ready to ensure your wedding is one that will be your dream come true!

To talk to our wedding consultants, please call 205-243-4243 or set up an appointment on our website at:


Guide to the Perfect Wedding; Reception Advice from a Birmingham Venue

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So, you have just been announced as husband and wife… what now. No matter if you are heading away for photos first or staying around for a few minutes, it is important to have a receiving line. This is perhaps the only time you will be able to talk briefly to each guest.

Remember that your guests want to wish you well and congratulate you on a wonderful ceremony, but once the reception starts, it gets increasingly difficult to actually talk, even briefly, with a guest. And many guests will not want to “bother” you as they know how busy your next few hours will be.

So, make sure you have a few extra minutes built into the timetable to have a receiving line. The proper time can be at the end of the ceremony, after photographs and prior to the reception or even between the dinner and cake. Some couples include the entire wedding party, others just the parents and themselves. What ever you decide is fine as there are no real rules for the inclusion of the rest of the bridal party.

Make sure there is space for the people to move on to the next destination whether it be the reception or another room or even the parking lot if you need to move to a reception hall.

A time to greet each guest will give you fond memories and help you to connect with each of your cherished friends and relatives in what is otherwise a very hectic day!

Woodrow Hall has the perfect place for your receiving line. In our century old banquet hall, we have a large foyer that is perfect to meet and greet your guests as they make their way to refreshments and drinks or to the main ballroom. We would be delighted to help you create the memories of your dreams at our historic Birmingham venue!

Call 205-243-0243 or email us at!


A Birmingham Venue’s Guide to the Perfect Wedding: Hottest 2012 Trends: Part 2

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The last blog introduced some of the top wedding trends for 2012… this entry adds 5 more, including wedding dress trends!

Trend Number 6: Bridal Dress; Illusion is IN!
A big trend on the wedding dress runways shows a delicate and sometimes embellished layer of sheer fabric covering the neckline and back, areas that in prior years were VERY exposed! This is a much more romantic and thus enticing approach to the most important fashion element in the wedding.

Trend Number 7: The Blush Dress
Non-white and non-ivory dresses have not been the norm. For a few years now we have been seeing ever the slightest bit of color; be it a hint of silver or blue or even lilac. The latest fashion runways have shown dozens of pink shades now made popular by Reese Witherspoon. Expect to see more of these at the bridal dress stores this coming season! Along with this expect to see more lace sleeves!

Trend Number 8: Smaller More Intimate Weddings
The 1000 guest wedding is becoming a thing of the past this year. Probably due in part to the enormous cost, expect to see more weddings in the 75-200 guest range this year. Woodrow Hall has two banquet halls that fit just this range!

Trend Number 9: DIY is IN!
For a variety of reasons from the economy to access to wonderful computer technology, expect to see more hand-crafted and custom designed accoutrements to weddings in 2012! Don’t plan the entire wedding around a DIY approach, but think of calligraphy for the invitations and custom designed computer printed “vintage” place cards or hand made centerpieces. Woodrow Hall can assist by providing a variety of “glass” centerpieces for you to embellish with flowers, candles or other decorative elements.

Trend Number 10: Variety in Centerpieces
Coordinating a variety of centerpieces is a secondary trend in the DIY theme. Using different sizes of centerpieces, mixing round and square vases, or different materials is a great way to personalize your reception. Unique fillers or similar colored flowers allow you to bring together the variety into a uniform theme.

Woodrow Hall would LOVE to assist you in planning a unique, personalized wedding at an affordable price. Envision yourself surrounded by exposed brick, vintage touches such as hand painted signs, custom accessories and large wooden ceiling beams with elegant lighting… Envision a Woodrow Hall Wedding!

Call 205-243-4243 for an appointment.