Bring Your Own Caterer or Ask about Ours!!

Choose a wedding venue that lets you choose the caterer: Many wedding reception sites only allow you to choose from their preferred caterers, who may all be pricey (and who knows they have limited competition). Before committing to a location, make sure you find out what they allow for catering and that their options fit your budget.

Remember — you’re the customer, and you’re probably going to be spending thousands of dollars.

You want to choose a venue and catering company who is excited to earn your business and willing to do things the way you want.

All outside catering vendors must provide proof of insurance and license. Caterer is responsible for providing the following,: refundable security deposit, adequate staff, and must provide a Lead Catering representative present during entire event day.

Kitchen Fee $ 400

Download the Woodrow Hall Catering Contract


  1. Payment: The person signing the contract certifies that he/she has the authority for his/her action on behalf of the organization represented. All contracts must be signed with the appropriate signature and payment method determined before the event can be held. Payment methods: Cash – Check – Money Order.
  2. Service Charges & Deposits: A $250.00 minimum reservation deposit is required at time of booking Woodrow Hall’s catering service and is non-refundable. The deposit must be made if selected after your booking date. Please see payment plan or pay catering balance in full. Payment in full is due 30 day(s) of the event, prior to the meal being served, unless the client has made other billing arrangements in writing with the General Manager.
  3. Guest Attendance/ Menu Selections: A guaranteed guest attendance number and menu selections must be submitted at time of contract signing. Any changes in guaranteed guest attendance number or menu selections must be made no later than fourteen (14) business days prior to the date of the event. At that time any and all new applicable charges will be added to the contract. Price changes will be agreed upon by contractor and a catering representative and a new contract or invoice will be signed. The minimum charge will be 100% percent of final guarantee. Guaranteed guest count may be increased (no more than 8% of initial guaranteed guest amount) up to two days before event. You’re allowed to decrease your initial guaranteed guest amount by 10% without penalty, if made 30 days prior to your event date. Your ‘guest count’ will be served with in the agreed portion servings. If you know that your guests are heavy consumers, we suggest ordering larger quantities.
  4. Event Cancellation: If the event is canceled less than six (6) months prior to the scheduled date of the event, a forfeiture of any/and all monies paid will be lost by the contractor. If the event is canceled less than (30) calendar days prior to the scheduled date of the event, a payment for the guaranteed minimum guest count will be paid by the contractor. All catering events are “Rain or Shine” affairs.

See Woodrow Hall Representative For Additional Services Sheet.